The 2nd major South Indian historical. Set in the year 1083 A.D. it tells of the poet Kambar (Sama) who wrote the 'Kambaramayana' in Tamil at Karikala Chola's court. The film opens with the...

The 2nd major South Indian historical. Set in the year 1083 A.D. it tells of the poet Kambar (Sama) who wrote the 'Kambaramayana' in Tamil at Karikala Chola's court. The film opens with the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sabrina B (es) wrote: Ouin c'est pas fort!

Steve W (br) wrote: Dog Bite Dog is about an assassin who targets a barrister and kills his target. He is pursued by the police in this gritty crime tale, a very nice movie that is able to develop a bleak and grim world. But the movie tries to develop the police detective as well, and becomes melodramatic. The assassin befriends an abused homeless woman and they go on the run, and the movie derails itself with sappy songs and a strange finale. The director would go on to make the amazing Killzone 2, but this one is a pure misfire.

Matt H (au) wrote: This was the most brutal movie i have ever seen by far the best cop movie ever on my list Edward Norton is brilliant perfectly cast and Colin Farrell is not bad himself

A Z (ru) wrote: Short, simple and sweet.

Silvia O (kr) wrote: I was really unimpressed. Yes, it is sweet to see an elderly woman form an unlikely friendship with a younger man, but I'm afraid there should have been more to the story to fill in an hour and a half of screen time.The one highlight of the movie was the always wonderful Rupert Friend.

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Humanite" starts out in a small French village where everybody knows everybody else. An eleven year old girl has been brutally raped and murdered. Police superintendent Pharaon de Winter is on the case...or is he?(To be honest, he certainly is agonizing over the case.) He does seem to be spending most of the time as a third wheel to a couple, Domino and Joseph, who can barely keep their hands to themselves. In this kind of relationship, there seems to be something going on between Pharaon and Domino, but on a platonic level. [/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]I watched the first half of "Humanite" on Thursday night and at first found the movie extremely off-putting. I was not quite sure what to make of the characters or the situation for that matter.(And the occasional extreme close-up was not helping either.) But then I spent the following day thinking it over and it dawned on me that what was happening in the movie was fairly straightforward - an investigation of a brutal murder in a rural precinct that was simply ill-equipped and was not prepared to handle such an investigation. This definitely helped in watching the second half of the movie the following night. What makes this movie unique is its novelistic structure - incorporating the individual stories of the characters into the movie and occasionally subordinating the investigation to the background. [/font]

David J (jp) wrote: Pretty inspirational with less cheese than a typical live Disney film.

Mark W (mx) wrote: Very cool! atmosphere abounds!

Chris J (nl) wrote: A great movie. Duryea and Robinson are amazing. Stays true to its dark promise.

Lety C (it) wrote: Te engancha desde el principio y es grato ver a Jennifer Aniston en un papel diferente, aunque esto no es lo suyo... Recomendable

Peter G (de) wrote: If you're looking for fun, action filled time killer, this is for you. Don't be fooled by its Michael Bay-ish exterior, you are in for a great ride with enough story to pull it through. With hilarious quips, and equally entertaining action, this film is a solid 80%. It makes me very excited for the future of DC's animation universe.

Monny M (it) wrote: Saw this with the kids. It was boring.

Ted D (au) wrote: Freeman is his usual superb self and does a great job of developing his character. It is a wonderfully heartwarming story about friendship, renewal, and love.

Jonathan P (ag) wrote: A potentially compelling plot undercut by a poor supporting cast. As a tale of Florida bayou dysfunction, it probably rates somewhere between "Night Moves" and "Adpatation."