America a tragic story told in a burlesque and ironic way, within a love triangle. Liza, a beautiful young Russian woman, is married to Victor, a small-time crook who lives on scheming and ...

America a tragic story told in a burlesque and ironic way, within a love triangle. Liza, a beautiful young Russian woman, is married to Victor, a small-time crook who lives on scheming and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander C (gb) wrote: Worth finding and watching!

Stephen G (us) wrote: Better than I thought it would be

Demetris H (jp) wrote: Actually pretty watch-able. Made in the same vein as Snatch, Crime Spree tells the story of 5 French criminals sent to Chicago to rob someone - instead they end up robbing one of Chicago's crime bosses, the honourable Harvey Keitel. Throw in a few gang bangers, a dirty FBI agent and a plethora of other crazy incidents and you end up with a pretty funny comedy with a clever script and some memorable performances from the likes of Depardieu an co. Some good fun all around.

Lennie M (ca) wrote: Funniest movie in a long time

Scott A (kr) wrote: A nice follow up. Somewhat darker and deeper but still suffers being for a younger audience.

Matthew S (br) wrote: This is a movie that one will either love or hate. I doubt that there are few people who will view it and find it to be "ok" -- it demands a reaction. Filmed in 1996, Olivier Assayas' thoughtful cinematic essay on 'the art of French Film' is so cool it almost burns. From the music on the soundtrack (Sonic Youth / Luna / Ry Cooder) , the slickly planned "verite-ish" camera work and the kink costume - this movie is totally late 1990's chic cool. But there is much more going on here that being cool. Assayas is exploring the past, current and future state of French Cinema. The "plot" of the film is an older and emotionally fragile filmmaker attempting to remake the historic and cinematically-relavent Louis Feuillade and his iconic silent film serial, LES VAMPIRES. ...A work that you will recognize upon site even if you've not seen any of it. Feuillade's films were both very French and yet universally appealing. LES VAMPIRES was not afraid of being entertaining for the sake of entertainment but it was also stylized and oddly erotic. And, Feuillade's work remains interestingly current in both look and plot. Assayas film captures a confused and chaotic film crew attempting to both please their director and push against him. The characters, including a particularly annoying TV Journalist, hold the production in contempt for several reasons: it is not commercial enough to make money, it is being made for the French Intelligentsia and more than a few feel it odd that the director has chosen an Asian actress (played with natural brilliance and beauty by Maggie Cheung) in an Iconic Role of French Cinema. As another filmmaker notes, why cast a Chinese woman to play a character who was created to represent The French Lower Class? The film gives its final punch when we, along with the cast, see the small amount of edited footage created by the fictional director. The small bit of footage is inspiring, artistic, disturbing and something all together new -- and, yes, cool. If you love Cinema, and you have a particular fondness for French Nouvelle Vague -- you will love Olivier Assayas slick and totally cool meditation of the state of French Cinema.

Joshua T (it) wrote: An important documentary and nice introduction to Chomsky's ideas. Interesting to learn that he didnt think this film accurately conveyed his ideas.About the documentary itself, it has some very creative, and admirably low-tech, devices which effectively conveyed otherwise dry facts in an entertaining manner. The movie is a patchwork of Chomsky lectures and interviews, arranged like a VERY LONG interview (almost 3 hours.... c'mon, not necessary!)...

Eric B (mx) wrote: Even at just 84 minutes, this is quite a powerful film. Originally part of Krzysztof Kieslowski's incredible "Decalogue" series (made for Polish television), this tale of a condemned murderer was slightly extended to reach feature length.A confused, nervous youth brutally kills a taxi driver, is caught and sentenced to death. His motive is not well-explained, and the senselessness of the crime is one of the story's most upsetting elements. To add further ambiguity, the cabbie has revealed his own cruel traits and is actually less sympathetic than his killer. Meanwhile, the boy's sensitive lawyer has a crisis of conscience amidst the proceedings.What's most striking about Kieslowski's direction is his flawless sense of pace. The tension builds so perfectly, and there's never a shot which seems to last a frame too long or too short. This is all the more remarkable, knowing that the film had to be re-edited after being "finished" at a much shorter length. It's a beautifully made piece. This is not the sort of morality play which will provoke heated debates about capital punishment, but it does exquisitely illustrate the emotional cost of violence.

Sherry R (au) wrote: One of the best comedies from the master............

Marcie F (de) wrote: Memories from my childhood.. Just picked up the second Season yesterday... Loved teh Simplicity of the show.

larry s (mx) wrote: The 2 films (Lady in cement and Tony Rome) that old blue eyes played in were great. By the way he did most of his own stunts in these two movies,and he was in his mid fifties. Sure wish I could find an online site that had lady in cement to stream.

Angelica M (ca) wrote: I just loved this movie. A combination of womanizing Elvis Presley and seductive Ann Margret

Adam R (de) wrote: One of the worst ways I know of to spend four hours. At least you'll come out of it well-rested. (First and only viewing - 8/30/2010)