America, America

America, America

A young Anatolian Greek, entrusted with his family's fortune, loses it en route to Istanbul and dreams of going to the United States.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   snow,   umbrella,  

A young Anatolian Greek, entrusted with his family's fortune, loses it en route to Istanbul and dreams of going to America, . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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America, America torrent reviews

Kafui A (au) wrote: Excellent movie. Sad story

Daniel S (jp) wrote: continuing with my ben wheatley kick, this is by far his least accessible film, it all takes place in a field, and i honestly couldnt tell what was going on half the time, or what they were even saying cuz their accents were so thick and there were no subtitles, things begin happening for no reason as well, it reminded me of valhalla rising which i didnt like, but to this films credit, the characters at least have personalities, and things at least ARE happening, and there are some pretty trippy sequences and some eerie music, i just couldnt tell you what any of it meant

Maggie H (mx) wrote: Total classic film of the 60's--authentic Bolton setting, beautiful acting. My most memorable line: 'He walked through here like it were a public convenience.'

Bryan T (us) wrote: Great movie. Could've done without the songs though.

Ruben F (it) wrote: Tres beau film, difficile d'acces par sa lenteur et sa narration non lineaire, mais qui prend enormement de force a mesure que l'histoire se denoue.Film sombre, triste, simple.Un realisateur a decouvrir.

Alexander Y (it) wrote: Claire Danes is lovely. Beautiful cinematography and soundtrack. The voiceover, however, is redundant and a major drag in an otherwise enjoyable film.

Joseph E (fr) wrote: Some scenes were just plain gay! Some scenes were just plain dumb. Some scenes..well they need not be explained or disscussed at any point in time..until such as I die or am forced too.

Katie L (fr) wrote: good but very hard to pay attention to four segments i never got to watch the whole film tho

Richard D (au) wrote: Okay, this is really a dumbass movie. It has a completely implausible plot and a fair amount of bad, unfunny comedy, and I can't pretend it's a conventionally good film. I really loved it. At first, I simply enjoyed it's fairly straightforward 80s vibe, but it really won me over with an amazing chase sequence that seems to take up a full third of the film and features some incredible stunt work. It sets out to accomplish a few really modest goals and it accomplishes them really well ... and yes, it stars a very young Nicole Kidman in her super frizzy hair days.

Timothy S (es) wrote: Kon Ichikawa beats Leni Reifenstahl at her own game in this amazing and supremely humanist exploration of the body and the spirit. There are moments here which still grab you by the heart in their amazing beauty and thrilling use of montage. One of the most perfect documentaries ever.

Zachary D (it) wrote: The Charlie Cox tv show is better than this piece of crap??.