American Beauty

American Beauty

Lester Burnham, a depressed suburban father in a mid-life crisis, decides to turn his hectic life around after developing an infatuation with his daughter's attractive friend.

American Beauty is a US psychological drama revolves around a middle-aged man Lester Burnham. Because of bored with life, he uses drugs and always dream of Angela - 16 year old girl of her daughter after watching her once dance at school. He feels he need to change his own life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Beauty torrent reviews

Devon F (es) wrote: A confusing, dull story, fake vampire teeth and sub-par acting make for a movie that will fleet my memory within the week. I found myself looking at the clock over the screen. I shouldn't even be writing a review for this.

Peter P (nl) wrote: One of the funnier group comedy movies I have seen, from way back when Larry The Cable Guy wasn't a household name. It is pretty funny, and I love the Tater Salad story.

Perrine L (es) wrote: Un des films les plus marquants que j'ai vus

Jireh A (ca) wrote: Jim did well, but the movie was dragging.

Kyle B (fr) wrote: Finally got around to seeing this movie. The original is one of my favorites and this movie had a few nice send ups to it but overall a terrible movie.

andy g (de) wrote: I wasn't sure what to expect. A second or even third tier suckfest, really.I couldn't have been more surprised. Yeah, it suffers from some bad acting, and the immemorable lead characters are disappointing, but it was entertaining and worth watching for anybody who enjoys westerns, especially the spaghetti kind.

G S (de) wrote: More of an artistic touch present in this film than in Kurosawa earlier films. This film is well shot, but a little slowly paced that it becomes boring at times to watch. It is a provocative depiction of the struggle of a women. A great look into the lives of students and revolutionaries in Japan during the 1930s. Denjiro Okochi and Susumu Fujita deliver performances which completely made me forget they acted in the Sanshiro Sugata films not so long before this film. Long time Kurosawa collaborator, Takashi Shimura, makes a brief appearance as a not so sympathetic police officer but nonetheless makes his mark on the film with his famous ruminative expression. The most credit goes to Setsuko Hara, with whom I fell absolutely in love with in Ozu's Tokyo Story. Hara undergoes a dynamic change and her ability to show growth and maturity despite being so good at acting as an once naive and careless city girl was very surprising and convincing to watch. Her portrayal of her character is masterful as she enters the rural farmlands to help her in-laws. This is a must-see film from Kurosawa because it is his first real attempt at a serious and complex film and for Hara's brilliant performance.

Eric H (ru) wrote: I've always loved Journey and I must admit that I never thought any singer could even come close to Steve Perry's amazing voice - until I heard Arnel Pineda!! Not only is he a fabulous singer, but he's down to earth, humble and knows what true happiness is. Great documentary.

Ohad S (au) wrote: Hard. Ken Loach knows how to make them like diamonds.

Shaneria W (kr) wrote: the best movie ever'?'?'?'?