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Brent H (gb) wrote: A good story with likable characters. The science lesson-like scene where it explains how religion and science are both right does drag on, but it's interesting and very necessary to the movie. A movie I'd recommend to friends and family alike.

Grant S (fr) wrote: Ok. Generally fairly unspectacular but has its moments.

Stephen H (fr) wrote: I was uncomfortable reading the book and watching the movie. It gets under your skin and stays there. The girl playing 13 year old Jasira does an excellent job of conveying the confusion and hurt that she experiences, from parents, neighbors, classmates. Aaron Eckhart as the army reservist neighbor who takes advantage of her is easy to loathe. Pretty dark, but worth seeing.

Ugi S (es) wrote: Ballard brings cheetahs, making "Duma" is not only human-animal uncommon friendship, but also a all-age fable and an old-fashioned adventure tale with wilderness and beautiful panoramic African scenery. If you're a animal film lovers such as "The Black Stallion", "Free Willy" etc and you should see this film then.

Gia H (nl) wrote: Im not impressed at all. easy to figure out the ending. thats bad enough.. adding insult to injury.. the idea of sexual violence portrayed as something loving.. and then the horrble acting to go with it. bad. unimpressive. boring.

orkell S (au) wrote: eg held ad mer fnnist thetta besta dogma myndin.

Adam A (jp) wrote: With identifiable characters, quotable one-liners and to-the-extreme outcomes, "Office Space" manages to put a big smile on a hard-working persons face!

WS W (au) wrote: Grotesque, very grotesque!

Jordan H (nl) wrote: Wow, where to begin? Mark Dacascos cannot act in this movie, and in fact no one can act worth a damn in this movie. The story is bad, the special effects are bad (especially the plane wreck where the plane used was a RC plane on miniature set and you can clearly see people standing outside the plane when they do closeups on the cockpit), and the directing was bad. The only thing that was not bad was the unintentional comedy. This movie is one of those it's so bad it's funny kind of movies and I laughed more at this then I did at "Bewitched." In fact they should just put this movie in all of the "Bewitched" dvd cases so that everyone can get a laugh.

Greggory M (nl) wrote: This is a stylish piece of work.

Matthew M (jp) wrote: It's cheesy, but is fun nonetheless with a great message. Lowe and Swayze work great together. Any hockey fan should enjoy.