American Flyer

American Flyer

An economically repressed young man (Bondo) loses his father in his attempt to cross the border (to send money home) at Tijuana, Mexico. As Bondo sets out on his own, he encounters an array of people holding him back, including the Chief of TJ policia that killed his father, that now wants him dead too. After a deadly attempt at crossing the boarder himself, he resourcefully constructs a flying machine out of a wheel barrow and navigates himself to the Santa Monica pier. There he will begin to complete his fathers dream. Written by Mark Christensen

An economically repressed young man (Bondo) loses his father in his attempt to cross the border (to send money home) at Tijuana, Mexico. As Bondo sets out on his own, he encounters an array... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melissa S (us) wrote: This movie was so funny- it reminded me a bit of the Father of the Bride series with the spiraling event requests and costs. I think it had smooth satire mixed with enough physical comedy (Garry Marshall's behind- spoiler alert)....

Alejandro D (br) wrote: One of my top 10 favourites.

Ryan S (it) wrote: A romantic comedy that sits above most.

Hunter W (fr) wrote: You go into the film wanting to see the "shower scene" and leave being impressed by far more. The Horror genre has many thanks to give to Psycho.

Daniel K (us) wrote: Compared to the musical, this is pure gold. The dialogue is awkward, but it's honest. Plus the stereotypical Asian is actually kind-of funny.

Cody M (au) wrote: Seeng a crime mystery from a different perspective was the most compelling part of this movie.

irene c (au) wrote: i love this movie. it is a b-movie, but i saw it for the first time in 8th grade right after junior high graduation, and it freaked me out. a great classic, too bad not enough have seen it. it was awesome. if anyone knows how i can get it on dvd let me know.

Pete G (de) wrote: once again us doing what we do best

Tom A (ca) wrote: Though it's simply a compilation of short silent comedy bits from the 1910s and 1920s -- it is enormous fun. As DVD has given silent cinema short shrift, these are very welcome to see, as they are not available anywhere else. Compiled by historian Robert Youngson, there are great films with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton (being chased by an entire police department), Snub Pollard (as a wacky inventor in a house that Tim Burton ripped off of for Pee Wee's Big Adventure), Gloria Swanson tied up on a train track by Wallace Beery, The Keystone Kops (mass destruction of property), Fatty Arbuckle (who is great!) and Laurel & Hardy (destroying a house a la Norman McLaren's Neighbours), among others. A voice over gives a running commentary about the thin plots (the intertitles have been removed) which, though really hokey at times, also gives a lot of historical context. Very rare, and lots of fun.

Daniel K (ru) wrote: 3: Wow, I did not realize this was Chabrol's first feature film and yet another candidate for what could be termed the start of the French Nouvelle Vague. There certainly doesn't seem to be a definite dividing-line where one can definitively say "this is where the movement starts." I can't say I'm terribly familiar with Chabrol's work either, as this is only the third, out of 72 total films, of his films I've seen. I certainly has many similarities with a few other directors or films from the Nouvelle vague, but I'd say it most closely resembles the work of Truffaut. It is a relatively simple and straightforward story that is filmed without any overt flourishes. It's simply an engaging story with characters that we grow to care about. The landscape is bleak, while the lives of those in the film don't appear to be much brighter. It's an interesting portrayal of what life in a small, dying French countryside village might be like.

Gina W (ca) wrote: A silly premise but the movie is cleverly written and the actors are great. I liked it in spite of itself.

Brian M (it) wrote: Shanghai Knights isn't a fantastic movie, but it is very good thanks to the dynamic duo of Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. They draw in some big laughs with their easy and simple chemistry, and I thoroughly enjoy the amount of references in the movie. Many of them are clever, witty, and a ton of fun, and only some occasionally misfire. Aside from the goodhearted humor, the action is awesome as expected with the presence of Chan, and he performs in some brilliant set pieces. Overall, I love Shanghai Knights for the pure, often clever fun of it; there's plenty to be entertained by, and a very likable cast at the forefront.