American Gun

American Gun

A brilliant story with an unexpected twist. A father uses the serial number on a hand gun in an attempt to track down his daughter's killer. The truth he uncovers is an unsettling reminder of the dangers of keeping handguns. Stars the legendary James Coburn and the incredibly gifted Virginia Madsen. Written and directed by Alan Jacobs.

When his daughter is shot just before Christmas, Martin Tillman journeys across the U.S. using the gun's serial number to track down the truth behind Penny's killing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Gun torrent reviews

Talha Y (ca) wrote: very bad movie, no story

Sean Michael S (ru) wrote: Fantastically creative idea, yet a horribly boring execution.

Private U (mx) wrote: mmm pelicula lenta, trama muy simple y los efectos demasiado mula... la Historia era buena pero no la supieron aprovechar

Gabriel A (kr) wrote: Dissappointing, shit actors for cops. If your a grime fan you'll like the cameos of Dizzee Rascal and Kano playing drug dealers.

Alex (de) wrote: OK action. A bit corny but... aye lol

Benjamin W (kr) wrote: An interesting perspective of World War II and the Jewish holocaust that was tied to it. I don't know if I've ever seen a film from the perspective of children in German-occupied France before, but this one certainly was done very well.

Hosea Aryo Bimo Widiotomo N (br) wrote: this is not a serious movie nor a serious plot. this movie is a playground were you just play with everything and beyond. stay true to its comic counterpart, Lucky Luke offer a comic movie. by the way....this is a full of classic Lucky Luke kind of jokes, so if you were used to standard American slapstick jokes, this movie is definitely not for you...

nida j (us) wrote: Must be on drugs to watch

David S (it) wrote: Sequel to "Tony Rome" that has moments of witty dialog and the performances are fun, but the direction is bland and the script is slow and not that involving. Sinatra fans ought to see this film as Tony Rome fits him like a glove, but those looking for a good mystery may find that you could do better elsewhere.

Rachel K (mx) wrote: This movie was slow and horrible. The scattered Catholic references gave no authenticity to the movie

Jamie C (us) wrote: My least favourite Saw, Like number 4 there's too much plot that seems to drag out the film and they add even more back story to make everything and everyone connect which can sometimes be abit confusing but again the traps and gory deaths do an ok job to keep us entertained but this time it's just not enough.

Larisa B (jp) wrote: The ending made me cry! Can't be too harsh on the film. Yes there are a few loose ends, but overall I liked it.

Guka J (jp) wrote: Movies Has Career-Definig Performance to Beloved Kote Tolordava, it was his last movie before his sudden death and it didn't dissapoint, movie also has great visual prodiction design, location and direction. also supporting cast is also GREAT!!!