American Heist

American Heist

Two brothers, both with troubled paths, find themselves in the middle of one last bank job.

American Heist: The story will follow two brothers with a checkered past involved in a bank robbery by a gang of dangerous criminals manipulated. This robbery will challenge the strength of the bond of affection siblings as well as what they dare to sacrifice for the family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelica L (de) wrote: It was not as good as I had hoped except for the last minute. That minute is really really cute.

Ryan M (nl) wrote: Nice surprise! Cute snowboard flick about loss and newly found love.

Hans T (au) wrote: Danskene kan film, og dette er nesten helt fullkomment. Etter hvert vil jeg antageligvis gi den full score, for her er det godt spill, en god historie og troverdig dialog. P toppen av alt s er det bde analogier til andre filmer, forfatterskap og annen moro symbolikk som gleder en som liker snne ting gjemt finurlig og diskret inni en film. Hipp hurra for Ole C. Madsen!

CM W (au) wrote: A likable cast and a few clever gags are mostly overshadowed by cold, formulaic rom-com shticks.

Alexandria D (es) wrote: Freaking funny! Omg to funny!

Rex M (jp) wrote: Well, I think it's a little better than some people give it credit for. I mean, there's no Andre Toulon and there's a lot of puppet stock footage used, but the story wasn't bad.

Private U (ag) wrote: Mediocre but good-natured.

Scott A (kr) wrote: Pretty good look at two comedians, one having the stage presence and one who does not, and how they both kind of help each other out in life. The ending was a let down, and Goodman and Damon Wayans are pretty much wasted.Seeing a very young 'DJ Tanner' as the daughter was funny. And while it's a movie about comics, besides Hanks' riff in a hospital, I didn't really think any of their material was very funny.

Joshua L (gb) wrote: The old people in this movie are funny to watch but the movie itself is kinda blah

Matt D (kr) wrote: While I prefer the action-packed thrills of James Cameron's sequel, it is hard to deny the mastery on display in this quietly tense piece of sci-fi horror that still makes me jump after countless views.

Christophe M (ag) wrote: L'anctre de la srie des "Final Destination", une femme survie un crash arien mais a ne veut pas dire qu'elle est tire d'affaire. Contrairement la clbre et rcente saga suscit, ce n'est pas la mort elle-mme qui pourchasse l'hrone mais plutt des personnes mortes. Ca dmarre plutt lentement mme si l'atmosphre est pas mal rendue, en fait a se rapproche davantage d'un thriller avec des lments surnaturel qu'un film d'horreur. En effet, pas de tuerie ensanglante mais des scnes sobres, inquitante qui jouent surtout sur l'ambiance. La palme de la personne flippante revient l'actrice qui a des visions prmonitoires, un personnage que j'ai trouv plus intressant que l'hrone elle-mme bien qu'elle s'en sorte pas mal, sa relation avec le docteur est bien amene, ce ne sont pas des ados mais des adultes donc le ct guimauve est cart. Un film trs sous estim, moi mme je ne le connat que depuis peu, mais c'est voir, au moins pour se rendre compte que le concept de "Final Destination" ne sort finalement pas d'un chapeau !

Jorge S (es) wrote: bad. really really bad

Christina D (ca) wrote: Molly Maxwell is a great coming-of-age film which follows Molly's journey of finding her interests and finding her place in the world - with a little help from her English teacher. A romance forms between the two, though, risking the teachers reputation and Molly's social life. A sweet, feel-good, coming-of-age film.

Alex R (fr) wrote: Strange movie that tries to be too many different things. Some of the acting was shocking.......but a couple of laugh out loud scenes make it watchable......just