American Idiots

American Idiots

Four friends embark on a cross-country journey to Las Vegas in an old RV to stop a wedding and save a friend from losing the love of his life.

The movie is about four friends. Wyatt lost his girl to another man. He and his friends embark on a journey to Las Vegas in an old RV to stop the wedding and bring her back. They must make it before it is too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ashley H (us) wrote: "I think we forget things if there is nobody to tell them."

Harry W (es) wrote: An immensely boring vichyssoise of Lake Placid and Cabin Fever, Shark Night is an exploitation film to an extent as it exploits its audience and buys into the 3D gimmick that seemed so popular around the 2010-2011 mark. The producers of Shark Night don't care about sharks, they don't care about horror and they don't care about films...they care about money. David R. Ellis also directed Snakes on a Plane which was better as it was more self-aware, acknowledging and directly referencing its own outlandishness, however Shark Night 3D believes its scary and that's disappointing.

Marina N (au) wrote: Nice movie about an African-American women and a white man going falling for each others.However, the movie does not only look at the possible problems of an interracial relationship. They also show the challenges that arise when a serious careerist lawyer comes together with a unhurried landscape artist. Lathan and Baker have great on-screen chemistry that steps over all the impediments.

Scott J (de) wrote: the perfect journey the highs and lows of a trip a romance a friendship powerful as it is beautifully shot

Jonny 9 (es) wrote: Very reminiscent in tone of the American Indie "Lars and the Real Girl", "Elling" likewise doesn't play the lunacy of its main character for laughs or even for drama so much but rather goes for uplift." The agoraphobic title character as played by Per Christian Ellefsen comes off very much like American actor Tony Randall playing Felix Unger if Felix was afraid to leave the Manhattan apartment he desperately tried to keep neat. Kjell Bjarne (Sven Nordin) is Elling's state-mandated flat-mate although it is never clear as to why he winds up institutionalized. Most of the movie follows the pair's slowly unfolding adaptation to life in the outside world - although Elling only makes limited and therefore seemingly realistic process. Watching this socialization unfold does provide some of the emotional uplift the film aims for; however, the climax which involves a 9-month pregnant upstairs neighbor clearly puts the "foreign" in foreign film and one wonders if it played as other than genuinely creepy in its native Norway. Eventually, Robin Williams will be cast as the lead in the American adaptation (as he was in the equally Norwegian "Insomnia"), John Goodman will play the sidekick and the studio will hire nine writers to punch up the script with more jokes and rewrite the ending. In short, wait for that version.

Matti W (jp) wrote: the Only words i can think of,to describe it, is intresting, bizzare and funny (in a way it is, yes i think so yes)"My cat an eat a whole water melon"

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Make no mistake, this here is a sex film. But if you can make it through all the softcore shenanigans, there's hardcore violence to be found. I found that the film gleefully embraced it's bad taste and anti social nature and became hugely entertaining. But what muddles it is all the sex, which makes up most of the films running time. With extreme horror films like Women's Flesh and August Underground out there, this movie almost seems innocent in comparison.

Private U (jp) wrote: Ray hyperbolizes the poetic dimension of history with his film adaptation of Premchand's short story. The acting is suberb. Its a beautiful film.

Kieran F (es) wrote: Not your standard ending to a film but nice all the same, they tried to be with each other but in the end they were happier apart and found the right person for each other too, happiness

mike h (br) wrote: great fucking movie a classic mirren hoskins, and look for brosnan as an irishman, great oldskool ganster flick

Prescott C (fr) wrote: The action is nice... but can we please get rid of the shitty teen romance bullshit!?!? Seriously, men like movies that have the action and fantasy but the girl chasing after the brooding guy is so cheesy!!!!!!!

lion o (gb) wrote: what a film to see 10 out of 10