American Joyride

American Joyride

A down on their luck couple from South Georgia go on the run to get the money to repay a gambling debt, and decide to film their escapade, in hopes of selling their 'reality movie' to Hollywood for a quick buck. However, the danger becomes very real when their misguided foray into drug dealing does not go as planned, and they quickly find out they are in over their heads.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A down on their luck couple from South Georgia go on the run to get the money to repay a gambling debt, and decide to film their escapade, in hopes of selling their 'reality movie' to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Joyride torrent reviews

Giancarlo G (mx) wrote: Schifo. Ma dov' che ne avevo letto benino?

Luke R (fr) wrote: Just another movie for the good but not great pile. I generally like Jeff Bridges and Justin Timberlake and whilst they were okay here, the movie is just not as memorable as you would hope for two such solid lead actors. This movie is good enough, but not one I'd go back to.

Tiffany R (ca) wrote: Loved this. It was a fun movie. It's hard for me not to like anything that is scooby.

Tim A (jp) wrote: Good start disappointing end, good use of vintage news footage to augment the performances.

Private U (kr) wrote: An entertaining Pageant movie about several transexuals both post and pre-operative, who try to make it as Vegas showgirls. Though entertaining, several of the woman, in my opinion, try to hard to prove they're women, and most of all, exploit themselves. It was almost like being at a drag show.

Jarod P (de) wrote: Great introduction to those who are truly interested in the subject. Art historians in particular will delight in the fact that this film exists. It will help to already be familiar with the story of Henry Geldzahler because newbies will have trouble keeping up, as I noted from the constant wall-glaring, eye-rolling and sighing of my viewing partner. If you are willing to be educated, you won't be disappointed--as far as its audience, it hits the target.

Tim J (ru) wrote: This flat and frustrating movie is a disappointment due to Steve Martin's shallow story line and characters. Not having read the book, I'll assume Martin's true enough to it in his own screenplay. I have some respect for what Martin has done in the past, but to be brutally honest he may have peaked at the point where he was doing live comedy in a white suit with a phony arrow through his head, playing the banjo. I wanted to like Claire Danes in this role, but what seemed to be an intelligent and sensitive female at first ended up seeming more like a neurotic and simple-minded emotional wreck. She simply can't live without a man devoted to her. And neither of the men in this flimsy tale are worth admiring in that role. The young drifter type (Schwarzman) is so insufferably dumb, vacuous, socially inept and lacking in ambition that I had to fast-forward through a couple of scenes because I couldn't bear his presence. The reason Mirabelle first links up with him is that she hears some psychobabble for women on the radio and buys into a warped logic from that. Martin as the wealthy suitor Ray Porter is stock issue noncommittal guy. Martin must have a thing for younger women, which I can relate to, but it's wishful thinking on his part to have Mirabelle seem oblivious to the age difference as if it's insignificant. There are a few likeable moments in this film, mostly visuals and unspoken resonances, but it succumbs to a lame sentiment in the end. When a movie finishes on a cliche with the words "that's life" in it, what can you do but belch and throw the disc back into its sleeve with disdain?

L L (au) wrote: Melodramatic; disappointing considering how great Amores Perros was (Irritu directing also). Unrealistic story line with bipolar characters lashing out on each other.Character depth is muted by constant over-dramatized explosions that steadily pervade this film for nearly 3 hours. In Amores Perros, there was more realism to the various circumstances and the way that the three stories merged together. In 21 Grams, the individual circumstances do not come together as seamlessly as Inarritu's past films. Ridiculous caricature of illness, religious conversion, and family loss. Embarrassingly over-the-top; expected more from Irritu. Unrealistic plot line with no variation - just over-blasted volume in the form of shaking, screaming, crying actors in every scene; and I like all three actors (Penn, Watts, and del Toro). But for a three hour tale, the immersion of the three and the extremity in which their characters must play out is just too much high-pitched soprano.

Cilla C (gb) wrote: I loved this movie it was very funny. Edward Furlong is amazing in it as well as the other actors. The little girl with the sugar addiction made it that much better.

Craig G (us) wrote: Pretty much your standard likable loser gets an opportunity to prove himself, gets a bit carried away with it, then realizes what he did wrong at just the right time.I thought the film could have done more to poke fun at the over-competitive parents who attend their children's soccer/football matches.Still, pay a pound for a film and you shouldn't be too shocked if it's naff.

Cecilia F (nl) wrote: One of my favorite movies.

Nadine M (au) wrote: well that dummy shouldn't have pissed them off

Martin T (ag) wrote: Ingrid Bergman impulsively marriages a man she barely knows. He takes her to a barren, remote volcanic island populated by backwards, judgmental assholes. Oh, and he turns out to be a jealous, abusive dickhead. But Bergman herself is not entirely sympathetic... she's whiny and demanding. The lack of a character to attach yourself to makes the film difficult, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Rossellini shoots it magnificently, particularly during the fishing and eruption scenes. And I found myself rooting for Bergman despite her flaws. Someone on iMDB compared it to Man of Aran and Breaking the Waves, a description I think is fairly apt. I'd throw a little Bunuel in there, perhaps... something like El Bruto. An interesting and often beautiful film, although I still don't think Rossellini lives up to his reputation.

Jasmin W (au) wrote: This film is full of suspense and definitely gets you hooked however I am disappointed with the ending. I feel like this is such a good plot and storyline it had the potential to be so much more and just be so much more clever. Instead, I was left there questioning "is that it?". I had such high hopes and thought it was going to have such a great ending since the suspense was built up so well. What I'm trying to say is don't expect something magnificent like I did as I was let down a fair bit with the reveal of the ratter. Other than this, a good movie that gets you freaked out however quite predictable.