American Psycho II: All American Girl

American Psycho II: All American Girl

A girl named Rachael Newman has developed a taste for murder and will stand at nothing to become a college professor's assistant.

A girl named Rachael has developed a taste for murder and will stand at nothing to become a college professor's assistant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


American Psycho II: All American Girl torrent reviews

Emily Y (es) wrote: I thought this was gonna suck but it was actually really entertaining. The way it's narrated reminds me of Ameile. Interesting window into Singapore culture. Oh yeah, and there's a crazy magical fight at the end.

Dori C (jp) wrote: although ridiculous at times,it was altogether a good solid parody,of thick sense of humour.

Danielle K (ca) wrote: Hilarious and lighthearted with a real message hidden behind the humour.

James H (fr) wrote: An incredibly enjoyable teen movie that throughout its cheese, has a message that it conveys well. The cast all give great performances with Ledger in particular stealing the show, that "I love you baby" scene in particular is hilarious, by far the best scene in the movie. The soundtrack is on and off for me, some of it works well while other songs make no sense at all to the scene. I love the nostalgia though.

Michael Z (ru) wrote: im the ONLY one on facebook who's reviewed this movie! okay. the reason i've given this movie five stars is because its HILARIOUS! its this old grindhouse era movie that is just too funny for words. this black blackbelt woman from L.A. goes to china to avenge her brother's death. its so funny! my favortie part is when she punches through a man. so great.

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Poorly made with a weak script, yet Marshall's iconic performance lifts this into a must see for Blaxploitation fans.

Luis M (es) wrote: Una gran pelcula de bajo presupuesto con el legendario Boris Karloff.

Evelyne P (kr) wrote: This film could not more be made nowadays. The whole thing is so politicaly incorrect!

Orlok W (us) wrote: An Intriguing Little Thriller with a Difference--The first Powell-Pressburger collaboration!!

Adam F (fr) wrote: Slams through the goofy wall about four minutes in and stays on the other side, doing obscene things to the rubble.

Fred W (br) wrote: A classic in its day.

Mike S (mx) wrote: A much darker and grimmer version of the tale most of us know from Walt Disney's telling. I'm not sure why Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman character shares title billing with Snow White, because he doesn't do that much besides guide Snow White through a forest. The dwarfs are here (although at least some of them appear to be real little actors with the faces of more famous full-sized actors digitally grafted onto their bodies). The costumes, special effects, and acting are decent, but the plot is full of holes. When Snow White is on the run with the Huntsman from the evil Queen Ravenna, her stepmother, the Queen's soldiers always seem to be mere steps behind her, yet continually fail to catch her. And just when Snow White appears safe, the soldiers leap out of nearby bushes and start swinging swords again. This version also goes beyond true love's kiss to a huge battle for the throne. How Snow White, who was locked in a tower for about a decade, learned to ride and fight, is an utter mystery. There are also scenes indicating the princess is some sort of Chosen One, although chosen for what and chose how is never really explained. She's just, you know, a really special person. Go watch Disney's version. It has more heart.