American Revenge

American Revenge

Lots of people who can't act, bumble their way through this action "film" which looks like a porno movie with the sex scenes removed.

Lots of people who can't act, bumble their way through this action "film" which looks like a porno movie with the sex scenes removed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simone W (ru) wrote: Brilliant political thriller. One of the best I have seen in quite some time. I highly recommend it, (if you're into that sort of thing...if not, you may be bored as it's a REAL drama). Enjoy!

Eliabeth R (mx) wrote: Lstima que estas pelculas que no son de hollywood no tienen review adecuado, de origen island (C)s de nombre mamma gog es una historia triste de una madre en todo su proceso hacia el alzheimer, me record tanto las historias de mis abuelas que no pude dejar de conmoverme..recomendable

Long L (de) wrote: Lame... so lame. Not that this movie had too much potential, but they really could have done a much better job in every single area of production. And maybe it's just me, but I like my zombies as brain dead human flesh-eating machines. This movie was too political... and in a lame way, for my taste.

Joy H (jp) wrote: I love it that they won't let Anne Frank fade away. Her story is one that all young girls should read.

Robyn M (es) wrote: It's cute.... it's bouncy.... it's fluff.... but it's mindless entertainment for a few hours.... I'll take a pass!

Joseph S (jp) wrote: Chow Yun-fat and Tony Leung's best ever as they portrait prisoners trying to fight with every single tough situation within the cells. the climax of the film is one unforgetable memory.

William W (au) wrote: This was REALLY bad and poorly made, and I'm being kinder to it than I should be, both because of its decent first half and the charm and beauty of the starring female protagonist, Debbi Pick (this seems to be her only film credit)--also it was obviously made on a super-low budget in my native country, Canada. There were some interesting ideas that would have made a decent film in much better hands (I have previously watched Rebane's later works, 'The Alpha Incident' and 'Twister's Revenge!', and this makes a 'trinity of tripe' that should best be avoided), and the cinematography is decent, simply because it's outdoors and shot in beautiful surroundings with natural light, most of the time. The low-budget special effects were abysmal, and incidents like plane crashes are simply off-screen and left to the viewer's imagination, so that Rebane doesn't have to show it.I saw this under the title 'They', in my Mill Creek 50-pack, 'Nightmare Worlds'--this by far was one of the worst and least interesting of the bunch. Do yourself a huge favour and if you see Rebane's name on a film (at the very least, for these three mentioned), don't touch them with a ten-foot pole. They're neither worth your time nor energy.

Madeline W (kr) wrote: Forever my favourite movie. Haters gonna hate.

james d (us) wrote: Kinsay naay copy ani pa kopyaha ko beehhhh

George I (de) wrote: "A stupid friend's sword is deadlier than an enemy's"

jay n (us) wrote: Overbaked melodrama with a wooden leading man. The trimmings are sumptuous but the story is trite and except for old pros Claudette Colbert, who looks great and is beautifully gowned, and Dean Jagger the acting is strictly dinner theatre quality. Karl Malden deserves special mention for offering a performance so over the top that its a wonder there was any scenery left after he gets done chewing on it.

Steve D (ag) wrote: Not takeing itself seriously helps but the cast is not good and neather is the movie (except bill muray)

Anti R (jp) wrote: A deeply problematic film. This film depicts a grim future under Trump. An America that failed hook line and sinker under consumerism and bonafide capital and are now too fucking fat to lift themselves up. A future without one single black or brown face. A warning tale of what's to come, but also a deeply unsettling movie that seems to rejoice in it's apartheid moral. If America was a democracy, this movie would have had no success and It's studios would have been put under investigation by the NAACP. Whishy washy with it's eugenistic, racist morals.

Nico B (de) wrote: The Brothers Grimsby has some laughs and Sacha Baron Cohen and Mark Strong have decent comedic chemistry, unfortunately the film's script doesn't live up to the comedic potential of its premise!