American Revolution 2

American Revolution 2

American Revolution 2 begins with footage of the political demonstrations at the 1968 Democratic Convention and the forceful reaction of the Chicago Police Department and the National Guard. Investigating the lack of an African American presence at the protests, the filmmakers follow members of the Chicago chapter of the Black Panther Party as they search for common ground with a variety of white activist groups. In one scene, Panther Bobby Lee and members of the Young Patriots, a community of white Appalachian activists living in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago, organize to protest police brutality. The seemingly disparate groups find shared social and political objectives that overcome racial differences – police violence, poverty, lack of employment, and poor living conditions. This potential for a cross-racial and interethnic political movement is the movie’s beautiful but unrealized dream.

A gritty but essential documentary charting social turbulence in late 1960's Chicago. American Revolution 2 includes footage of the 1968 Democratic Convention protest and riot, a critique ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy R (br) wrote: This movie has been life-changing for my family- wonderful!

Christian S (gb) wrote: A wonderful documentary about the rehearsal of Bertolt Brecht`s play "Mother Courage And Her Children" at the Public Theater in New York. Also about the life of Brecht, his flight from Germany during the nazi regime and his returnal to Berlin after the war. Brecht`s daughter gives some interviews in the film. Here Meryl Streep proofs, that she is one of the world`s greatest actresses!

Darren B (jp) wrote: Very brief flashes of insight ... just enough to make me watch till the end and hope for another glimpse of something that would transcend the rest of the unredeemable silliness that made up this movie. It never arrived.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: I thought this was far better than napoleon Dynamite, though Napoleon had some funnier characters this movie overall was just funnier and much better in my opinion.

Brian H (jp) wrote: This film is a little rusty...

Dan K (mx) wrote: Almodovar, as always, demonstrates an unusually keen sense for cinematic romance. I can't imagine how many high-degree heartbreaks this director must have caused in the real world.

Edith N (ca) wrote: Once again, we have a movie where I wrote a lengthy review which got eaten by a computer glitch. Let us merely say, then, that I thought this movie was incredibly beautiful and incredibly painful. I believe that it's possible for a man to be in love with another man. I believe it is possible for someone to be in love and not realize that the person isn't the sex they are pretending it to be. I don't know if that was the case in the real-life story this is based on, and I don't know if anyone can. This was a fascinating movie and one I highly recommend.

Mic M (nl) wrote: Smart, original and sensible !

Zach L (jp) wrote: A so and so Godzilla movie with the more serious Godzilla and a good plot but not much is done until the last 20 minutes and can be tedious even in its only 80 minute length Still worth checking out 6.0/10

Anthony K (jp) wrote: Great! Loved it! Two stars!

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