Americanizing Shelley

Americanizing Shelley

A wannabe Hollywood player sets out to Americanize an Indian girl from the Himalayas.

A wannabe Hollywood player sets out to Americanize an Indian girl from the Himalayas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Faal I (mx) wrote: A small movie with small maincharacters... and i still dont understand everything of the movie.... Khair.... but i liked the Kashmir-scenery...MashaAllah!!

Luciano G (fr) wrote: This is lame follow-up to "Lake Placid"....this time the acting is at best mediocre, the script awful and the computer graphics exceedingly poor.....if the budget was a tenth of "Lake Placid" it is still a poor excuse for the production company... not worth watching even if you loved the first movie....

K J E (it) wrote: James Woods and Robert Downey, Jr. star and I don't know how I missed this one back in 1989. Being a huge fan of both Woods and Downey, this was a must see for me. I loved the plot, Woods & Downey did an excellent job, but i think the film itself falls a bit short against todays films. Not the best courtroom drama I've ever seen, but not the worst either. Recommended if you're a fan of either actor.

Michael H (au) wrote: Starts off well but once navigator and spaceship meet, things drag.

Timothy A (es) wrote: A bittersweet argument between love and desire.

Thomas K (gb) wrote: I haven't seen it but I would really like to.

Mandi L (ag) wrote: Really cool concept...just felt like something was missing from it though.

Sam C (nl) wrote: Had to sit through all the Resident Evil movies because my girlfriend wanted to see them. Things I'd rather do that watch another Resident Evil movie with Alice the manhater: go to the dentist, watch another Once Upon a Time episode, dig my own grave, get sick on an airplane, clean out a cat box, eat vegan oysters, paint baseboard and watch the paint dry.

Jonathan F (ag) wrote: Samuel L. Jackson, Carrie-Ann Moss, and Michael Sheen all had particularly good performances in Unthinkable. However the glaring plot holes and weak acting from everyone else made Unthinkable nearly "Unwatchable".

Fun things w (ru) wrote: great i want to watch it again

Tony L (mx) wrote: A good movie that could have been great if not for mild incoherency in its middle segments.