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Amici come noi

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estrella l (ca) wrote: Un asco de pelcula, NOOO me gusto para nada, NO LA VEAN,aunque salga Ana de la Reguera desnuda, por ningun motivo NO.

Sophia C (nl) wrote: Apparently this out-grossed "Titanic" and I just found out why.

Matthew P (ag) wrote: the rantings of an angry elderly French man, a masterpiece :D

Kelen C (kr) wrote: I can't say this is a bad or a good movie. Coming from Troma, it's probably the best film they ever made but the corniess factor is still there. I mean, Dwayne Wayne (Hardison) gets killed my a TV! I'm not kidding. A fun watch every now and then.

TTT C (de) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up A well-acted mystery/thriller.

Huh B (kr) wrote: Over time the movie has grown into something much different than I saw in 2001 the day after my birthday. It is a blue cat sleeping under my bed and the sun shining right in my face in my bedroom those few days in late winter.

Brian O (nl) wrote: I call bullshit, this movie had a great premise and good acting, if A list celebs were in this movie it would have a ripe review.. I do debate the so called critics review, and the normal jaded person who watches movies all the time, and always hate it... I've watched movies like eraser head that was completely fuckin crazy and had no point at all ( maybe worst fuckin movie ever) get a great review.. If you say a movie like that is great then ur perception of movies is completely garbage... U have a weird shit taste in movies and your opinion shouldn't matter..