Amitiés sincères

Amitiés sincères


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:two word title,  

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Amitiés sincères torrent reviews

wretch a (ru) wrote: Returning to your hometown isn't always the welcome home party you imagined. Can't find a job you become resourceful to help out the grandparents. But when it's a "new" tea the residents go crazy for how can you lose!

Pepper W (br) wrote: Better than I thought it would be, considering it is a Groundhog Day remake with a Christmas theme.

Debbie (es) wrote: looking for a new copy

Jeannie B (kr) wrote: I was pleasently surprised by how good this turned out to be.

Matt K (ru) wrote: Serious film fans will find this film a treat. Asano gives a great performance.

Kyle G (es) wrote: Probably the best documentary that could ever be made about the Lost Boys of Sudan. It captures the absurdities, joys, and pains of being an adolescent Sudanese suddenly marooned in America, never in a grating "Oh, look at those winsome foreigners" way (although it does have some comical moments along those lines) but instead in an empathetic, clear-headed way--ie., "You aren't Americans, you won't be Americans (ever), and it's all okay"--that I find enormously smart and welcome.Basically, there are no social workers or UN ambassadors covertly manipulating the movie, no well-meaning individuals pushing some trite internationalist message; it's mostly just the Boys themselves, in their own words, and that's a testament both to the singular beauty of the subject matter as well as the skill and restraint of the filmmakers.

Alex S (it) wrote: The movie gives off a very interesting feeling. We somehow feel sympathy for the character even though he is clearly disturbed person. There becomes a sort of relatability to his loneliness, portrayed brilliantly by Robin Williams. An engaging and entertaining movie that is smarter than the average thriller.

Matt F (mx) wrote: "This is totally fascinating"

Edyta L (gb) wrote: this movie was funny but kinda redundent. i really didnt like it. i thought it would be better

Zak H (ru) wrote: Mad as a box of frogs, and it doesn't care on bit. Like all Alec Cox movies plenty of people will absolutely hate it but for me it does everything it sets out to do.

Faley A (kr) wrote: One of the most ridiculusly funny and hilarious comedy of ages !! Storyline is very very 'frenh'(!), trust me when I say this! Wonderful to watch.. simply great and abstruct movie. Acting and dialogues were so great.. can't but just laughing out loudly vibrating the whole room!!

Charlie M (us) wrote: Haunted house with screaming kids.

Michael S (us) wrote: Slow but awesome movie big fun of Brad Pit great acting. My dad really loves it too even do he couldn't understand some english. He said his like the old guy in the movie. I told him can you buy me a ferrari :)