Saranalayam is an old age home where Marykutty teacher, Parvathy Amma and Saraswathi Amma stay. Eradi is the owner of Saranalayam and he is running out of funds to continue running it. He ...

Saranalayam is an old age home where Marykutty teacher, Parvathy Amma and Saraswathi Amma stay. Eradi is the owner of Saranalayam and he is running out of funds to continue running it. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ammakilikkoodu torrent reviews

Jake G (au) wrote: Wow, congratulations on getting me to think, "You know, Uwe Boll would have been a better choice than this director." Not a sentence I foresaw ever considering in this life.

Darren B (gb) wrote: Fantastic little Canadian flick about a Harbour town who try to scheme a Doctor into staying long term so they can have a factory built to provide jobs.The Newfoundland scenery is breathtaking!!

Jason R (nl) wrote: Once again, the filmmakers dance around the themes of the Resident Evil games, intertwine some characters, and wind up with angry-face closeups, Matrix-style action scenes, and not much else. The storyline has reached levels of absurd well beyond human understanding, and that's saying something when you consider that the game's storylines are equally ridiculous. This whole series has been one missed mark after another, and it shows.

Aaron G (ru) wrote: Take away RDJ and you have a mediocre but clever comedy with good commentary and a star-studded cast. Put him in... and you've got a truly special experience.

Nick K (us) wrote: Reminded me that Japanese version of " Billy Elliot" but with restrained emotion and lack of communication, in the spirit of true Japanese culture.

Dana F (it) wrote: Too long, but poignant with some truly powerful moments, and a perfect showcase for the two leads.

Paja B (us) wrote: I liked the pace and the atmosphere, but the plot is unfortunately quite shallow.

Greg R (ag) wrote: I'd say it's a kinda,sorta guilty pleasure.

Kevin C (it) wrote: Very interesting and thorough documentary. It seems pretty clear the government got what it wanted regardless of people's rights. Cults are obviously a bad thing but the amount of incompetence by the various government agencies at every step made a bad situation a million times worse.The footage from congress was the most interesting and disturbing for me.

Rowan M (au) wrote: A brutal look at the build up to a Soviet strike against the UK. It pulls no punches in it's depiction of the initial attack and the immediate and long-term aftermath of a full nuclear exchange, and doesn't have any of the Hollywood hope that was forced upon The Day After (which is still great!) by the network. Just as terrifying to watch now as it was back at the height of the Cold War. Hard hitting stuff from the BBC.

Arturo P (es) wrote: People always pair up Forever with Batman and Robin, and that's kind of unfair in a way! Batman and Robin was complete CRAP, Batman Forever isn't that bad, nor is it good by any means it's just mediocre as hell. I did like the performances done by Carrey and Jones. The villains are cartoonish but that's what they were going for.

Leon B (gb) wrote: Review:This is another one of those movies which had a great trailer but it turned out to be pretty disappointing. I thought that it was going to be like the hit series, the Empire but it turned out to be about a worldwide, music superstar who is struggling to fame and all of the attention from the media. With her new album due to come out soon, Noni craves normality in her life but her mum and her record company end up pushing her to the edge, which leads to her trying to commit suicide. At that moment, the cop that was protecting her, Kaz, comes to her rescue and the news hits the tabloids which puts there relationship under the microscope. After a while, the pressure becomes a bit too much for the couple, so they escape to Mexico were they deeply fall in love with each other, against Kaz's dad and Noni's mums wishes. It isn't long before Noni is spotted in Mexico so she has to return to her demanding pop career. By this time, she has turned a corner in her personal life and she seeks more control in her music career. Her new boyfriend thinks it's a bad idea for her to return to that life because he saw how much it was destroying her. From there the movie seemed like it was going round and round in circles and I was hoping for a major twist or something interesting to happen. The main character, Noni, just seemed like a spoilt brat who needed some decent guidance. The cop also seemed quite dull and easily influenced by his father so the characters didn't help this predictable storyline. Basically, it reminded a lot of the Bodyguard which was a much better movie because Whitney was actually a true superstar. I liked the fact that the director was showing the life of a star through there eyes, but the storyline dried up after a while and it became quite boring. Watchable but nothing that amazing!Round-Up:I wasn't that impressed with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, who played Noni, because I failed to have an emotional connection to her character. Thats not totally to blame on her performance because she did try to make her character seem real but the film seemed to have skipped the important parts of her career, like her road to stardom. At 32, she has starred in movies like Jupiter Ascending, Odd Thomas, Straightheads and Larry Crowne but I doubt that people will remember her in any of those movies! She played the lead in Belle pretty well and she has a role in the upcoming Beauty and the Beast movie so she might hit her peak around then. Nate Parker has made about 20 movies in his career which started in 2005 in Cruel World. He has made appearances in Non-Stop, Pride, The Great Debaters, Red Tails, Arbitage and Ain't Them Bodies Saints and at 35 years old, I'm sure that were going to see him more on the big screen. The director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, also directed the Secret Life Of Bees, which I quite enjoyed, Love & Basketball and a couple of episodes of the Bernie Mac Show and Everybody Hates Chris so she hasn't had loads of experience behind the camera. She did do quite a good job with this movie but I did find the storyline sketchy and uninteresting after a while.Budget: $7millionWorldwide Gross: $15millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/romances about a music superstar who struggles with fame and media attention, until she falls in love with her bodyguard which changes her life. 4/10

Kris A (ag) wrote: I like this and understand it a lot better at 27 than when I first saw it when I was roughly 15...

Aaron W (nl) wrote: Man did the critics get this movie wrong.. Dewayne Johnson (The Rock) was outstanding. Really enjoyed watching it again. Man do I miss football. This game taught me so much about myself. It taught me so much about life. It taught me strenght, hardwork, teamwork, dedication, humility, and setting goals. I was blessed to have great young men that played along side me. In Clarksdale, Ms football united guys from both sides of the tracks. Much respect to this game! Is it football season yet?

Paula M (de) wrote: less cop movie and more of a dialogue driven comedy. not too bad considering. if your bored this will do