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Amor? torrent reviews

James S (mx) wrote: Has to be one of the most uplifting movies I've seen in a LONG time. I get a big smile (ok, I start laughing hysterically) every time I remember the many classic scenes from this production. Already seen it twice this week in theatrical release so far, and can't wait for my DVD to arrive. I've been honing my shout-outs with each viewing, and need help choosing props to bring to future showings. (Maybe a potato? If youve seen it you'll know why LOL) So many one liners to post and so little time. ("Kansas is pretty much known for its lack of color"? As the scarecrow contemplates.) This HAS to become the new The Room or even Rocky Horror Picture Show. Yes it's THAT good/bad. See it, or rent it more likely if you have the opportunity, and a cocktail or two before, during and after make it that much more fun.A big Thumbs up!!

Evan E (jp) wrote: Dramatization was awkward and pointless. Very intriguing interviews. Made for an uneven experience.

Daniel B (ag) wrote: I didn't think this was all that bad. It did get a bit silly and maybe even a bit annoying on the odd occasion, but I can forgive those because it made me LOL on plenty of occasions and I almost always like Bruce Willis anyway.

Frida B (jp) wrote: I know it sounds insane, but I have this incredibly vague feeling that I was supposed to find this film funny.

Karen R (nl) wrote: Where is the preview for this one?

Barnaby G (it) wrote: Another film to remind you how depressing life can be. A good representation of crippling poverty. Well acted, good story and a brilliant soundtrack. Deserves more credit, I think.

Jonah P (nl) wrote: I liked the movie plus it was creepy.

Jackie (nl) wrote: Great drama, had its slow parts.

Michael O (gb) wrote: Powerful and compelling doc that everyone needs to see.

Ernest C (kr) wrote: This interesting premise fails to fully deliver despite some good moments. Clive Owen is made up too nicely for a criminal, even one involved in a working prison programme.

Steve G (es) wrote: Cheesy title, and no, it's not as good as 'Once were warriors', but it's more Big Jake so who cares?

Shannon W (fr) wrote: This is the best movie ever!!!!!

Byron B (au) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film with the NYFC and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR

John B (ru) wrote: True Romance, written by Quentin Tarantino, is the kind touching, action-packed drama thriller that has two 'Bonnie & Clyde' quasi protagonists doing everything they can to keep their relationship intact; even if it, by all means, taking extreme measures. Thumbs Up, delivers the goods ????

Alec B (au) wrote: The plot comes together in a fashion that's a bit too neat and tidy for my taste and Cage's performance is kinda dull, but its still a solid blend of the neo-noir and western genres. I also like that as the plot progresses things get worse for the central character each time he makes the "moral" decision.

Bill B (it) wrote: This was one of the most boring 'action' flicks I've ever seen, even Fred Williamson couldn't save it from yawns and obscurity.Oh, and FYI, that cover image of a flaming city and all that other shit has nothing to do with the films itself, so don't get your hopes up.Pass, unless your morbid curiosity gets the better of you.

Julie G (kr) wrote: Far sillier than the classic. The editing and writing make it a little choppy to watch. Only one guy in the entire movie gets killed.

Byron B (es) wrote: From 1974, which was toward the end of what might be called the golden age and emergence of blaxploitation cinema, Foxy Brown had a white crew and mostly black cast. Written and directed by Jack Hill who apprenticed with Roger Corman and made his film career primarily with b-movies. Foxy Brown starts with a great, funky, psychedelic, James Bond riff of opening credits. Foxy's boyfriend Michael works undercover for the cops. A black man in this genre working with law enforcement and the cops not being the bad guys is a surprise. Michael assumes a new identity after facial reconstruction surgery and yet still tragically gets killed at his peak. Foxy, played with just the right sassy attitude by Pam Grier, goes on a mission of revenge against the white criminals pushing the drug and sex trade in her neighborhood. She goes undercover as a one woman army, eventually forming an alliance with a Panther-like group, to humiliate and topple the peddlers of vice keeping black people down. She also has to play the responsible big sister to her brother Link (Antonio Fargas) who is mixed up with gambling and drugs. Here's a bit of dialog between Foxy and Link that stands out: Link Brown: "Foxy, I'm a black man, and I don't know how to sing, and I don't know how to dance, and I don't know how to preach to no congregation. I'm too small to be a football hero, and too ugly to be elected mayor. But I watch TV and see all these folks and the nice homes they live in and all them fancy cars they drive, I just get so full of ambition. Now you tell me what I'm supposed to do with all this ambition?"Foxy Brown: "I don't know, Link, I just don't want to see you end up in jail, or gunned down in the streets somewhere." Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me has been on my reading list for some time. I have a basic understanding of the concepts in this book because my liberal church discussed it in relation to the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement. I know that Coates takes a hard look at the theme of the American Dream as portrayed in the mass media, especially fabricated TV sitcoms, and how this suburban "Dream" is an exclusionary fantasy of white privilege. Back in 1974 this is exactly what Link is talking about. Coates' ideas were already understood by part of the population and are completely ignored to this day by another part of the population. In this action film Foxy Brown uses sex appeal and well hidden weapons to bring down the two people most responsible for ordering the hit on her boyfriend, Elias (Peter Brown) and Miss Katherine (Kathryn Loder). Foxy is easy to root for and the groovy fashions are such fun.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Very hilarious. Billy Bob was made for this role

Frances H (ca) wrote: Watch it for the music. Nothing else here is worth watching.