Amphibian Man

Amphibian Man

People living at the seashore town are frightened by reports about the unknown creature called "the sea devil." Nobody knows what it is, but it's really a son of a doctor Salvator. The doctor performed a surgery on his son and now young Ihtiandre can live under water. This gives him certain advantages, but creates a lot of problems.

People living in a seaside town are frightened by reports about an unknown creature in the ocean. Nobody knows what it is, but it's really the son of Doctor Salvator. The doctor performed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim H (ru) wrote: You know what you find beneath the darkness? Crap, garbage, etc...

Oleg K (es) wrote: I kinda liked this one, a good story, but the ending was a bit strange.

Jessica H (au) wrote: Bring it on for gymnastics, complete with body shaking Rhythms and kitten attitudes.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: A good film but a disappointing sequel to what was a great first movie. The rules are too different and confusing compared to #1.

Bradley P (jp) wrote: "If you want a war that badly, you kids fight it out!" says the new class instructor. The line of good and evil has been drawn since the first film and through brain-washing, Nanahara is the "EVIL LEADER" who's hunt's down all adults, similar to that of a terrorist group (War on terror). Battle Royale 2 lacks any and all of the charm that the first film had. Gun fights fill this movie; sadly, it's violence is mostly meaningless.

Sam L (ru) wrote: Jeffery Dahmer is one of my favorite serial killers, and I think this movie did a good job at representing him. Much better than the movie they made in 1993. Jeremy Renner did a glorious job at playing the part of the notorious serial killer.

Nicki M (gb) wrote: Though not the most enthralling premise for a movie - day in the life of a Chicago cab driver, I kind of liked this slight film. I have to admit, 30 minutes in, I was really not feeling it, and had started to write a so-so review as I watched, but slowly but surely this one grew on me. The 90's setting and soundtrack fit and the quality of the passengers improve as the movie goes on. John C Reilly particularly is a real douche here and, as I only know him from newer movies, it was strange to see him so much younger. I also found the brief Laurie Metcalf scene amusing and the cougar lawyer as pitiful as it was amusing. The Gillian Anderson scene is underwhelming and John Cusack strangely menacing. I really don't think I would like this guys job! As it is set around Christmas time, not a bad movie for that time of year. Worth a look.

Adam R (kr) wrote: A little stupid, but it's a decent family comedy. Hulk Hogan is oddly pleasantly entertaining on-screen. (First and only full viewing - 11/19/2009)

rj r (fr) wrote: LMAO when is saw this one!

Juho K (kr) wrote: Oikeus on epareilu ja vasta omankadenoikeus takaa oikeuden toteutumisen. Paljon epaloogisuuksia sisaltava leffa on kuitenkin oikein katsottava.

Joe H (mx) wrote: I kinda dig this early campy Bava piece.

Fardin L (nl) wrote: Funny film about a tobacco lobbyist with a twist!

Megan P (ru) wrote: It was pretty classy