His hunger for conquest not satiated, even after repeated victories, Samrat Ajaatshatru of Magadh would like to continue on his winning spree, as the only unconquered city is that of Vaishali. His astrologers forewarn him; his Senapati cautions him that his army is tired and needs to rest; his very own mother refuses to let take part in any war - but he refuses to listen to anyone and hastens to war - which leads to subsequent defeat at the hands of the Vaishali army.

His hunger for conquest not satiated, even after repeated victories, Samrat Ajaatshatru of Magadh would like to continue on his winning spree, as the only unconquered city is that of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amrapali torrent reviews

WS W (it) wrote: A little bit more & deeper than normal teen movies, although still sounds quite too simple.

Mad M (us) wrote: The big ideas feel indie, but the application feels hollywood/muted at times. Kwanten does reasonably well, but Snook dragged down their chemistry.Props for effort. It works in parts and falls at others.

Gerardo L (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this Beautiful Film , but I just wanted a little more scenes with David Duchovny(Mulder, The X Files)...

Shawn E (gb) wrote: I was not expecting to enjoy this at all. At the time I saw it I wasn't a HUGE fan of Dave Chappelle, having only seen a few episodes of his show. Also, I could care less about hip-hop. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It's one of the best documentaries I've seen and I gained a huge amount of respect for the hip hop music industry AND Mr. Dave Chappelle...I'm now a huge fan of both.(and it was directed by Michel Gondry! No wonder I enjoyed it so much!)

David W (kr) wrote: haahhaaaahahhaha dis movie waz 2 funny. Just what a Nigga need

Cassandra M (ca) wrote: I loved this movie. Totally hilarious. Loved how the characters react to 21st century life style and brought with them their hilarious habits and way of life from the past. This movie is a must see!! We rented it and watched it five times in five days. Highly recommended for a great laugh! Andre is very funny and it is great to see him realize that he can be a free man and finally stand up for himself. It helps us realize how inhumane the treatment of "slaves" were in ancient history. Helps us realize how much we take for granted in the 21st century too. This movie is like a mix between Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail and Napoleon Dynamite, at least that is what type of satirical humor it reminds me of and I think both of those movies are absolutely hilarious as well, the kind that you like to watch again and again and find yourself quoting over and over and laughing. It was a great movie!!

Lillian R (gb) wrote: This is the Jack Nicholson Movie of the week. I enjoyed it very much Staring Jack Nicholson and Meryl Street.

Eolapaloe Z (gb) wrote: alur yang lambat serta menjadi kendala utama film ini...,, dgn cerita persahabatn yg bagus serta konflik yg menyertai...

Kyle K (mx) wrote: idiotic. low budget. kinda entertaining, not really. saw it on cable in a hotel.

Brandon M (ca) wrote: Bakshi is a unique animator, he has a style that some may copy, but only he can do right. Heavy Traffic is an interesting animated film about the sleazy 70's in New York City. A must see.

Cha t (jp) wrote: Interesting format and imagery. Unlike any other war movie I've seen. Worth a view if you are into the genre.

Miguel R (ag) wrote: Beautifully shot as well as brilliantly crafted, The Bicycle Thief is a profound and heartbreaking journey capturing the sadness and misery of everyday poverty, all in the search of a man's stolen bicycle!

Paul K (fr) wrote: Fairly poor. We watched this while in early 1900s mode, but it proved less impressive than the fictional tales recently on BBC. This one is factual, and as often, facts are less moving than art. Dan Stevens hasn't moved very far from Downton here, and he should. Florence Carter-Wood comes across as weak and quite cowardly in her use of poison to escape from harsh reality. Munnings was no doubt a bastard, and that no doubt contributed to his success at the RA. It's not an uplifting tale, and it's not told well here either.

Jason J (es) wrote: This is a slow but engaging movie about loss, guilt, and urban life in Scotland. I found it intriguing to watch the lives of lower class people in Scotland and its unglamorised portrayal of daily existence in high rise apartment blocks. Messy flats, shitty greasy spoon diners, laundromats, housing blocks with no frills, no trees, just like the real thing. The characters in the movie were interesting, particularly the two leads as their relationship becomes much more complicated - the script withholds information, making us work out why Jackie is obsessed with Clyde, but the movie's great strength is in making Clyde complex - we are constantly re-evaluating him as does Jackie during her confused journey to some form of redemption. Andrea Arnold has come a long way from her children's TV presenting days and has shown to be a fantastic director with this movie and the wonderful Fish Tank. Overall 'Red Road' is a great little homemade thriller that creeps you out and keeps you guessing right until the end.