While Korea is occupied by the Japanese Army in 1933, the resistance plans to kill the Japanese Commander. But their plan is threatened by a traitor within their group and also the enemies' forces are hunting them down.

Korea in the year 1933, the country is occupied by the Japanese army. Many warriors of the resistance where forced into the exile in China. Now they are trying to organize the fight from the distance. Now the resistance has learned that the highest commander of the Japanese army is going to visit Korea. They decide to take the chance and kill him by assassination. But the only sniper who is able to make that shot is Ahn Ok-yun, who is serving her time in the prison of Shanghai. The resistance agent Yem Sek-jin is set to get her and her comrades out, but his plan is offered to the Japanese by a traitor. Now, Ok-yun and her warriors not just have to flee from the Chinese prison, she also must face the Japanese army and a very special hit-man, assigned to take her down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Regan R (ru) wrote: A terrible, terrible movie. It is so bad, even the Director left it after the first 2 minutes and let the catering crew finish it up.

Loic Landry A (ru) wrote: Brilliant movie. Loved every minutes of it.

Don S (mx) wrote: Almost a complete rip-off of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some really healthy looking ladies in the party scenes, and the main actresses aren't ad either. The acting is average, but there is nothing unique or unusual here to distinguish it from any of the other horror movies of the same type.

Mattias S (ca) wrote: OMG! This is one of those movies where you start considering suicide just for wasting your time.. Royal piece of crap!

Hans J E (kr) wrote: Oh my God, this was so fucking boring.

Catherine W (br) wrote: If you have a taste for foriegn movies and understand that other countries do not make movies like holiwood, I think you will like this. It is like a aisan poem or vignette.

Scott C (jp) wrote: This is a really sadistic film and ultimately gets quite stupid, but man there are are tense bits in the first half - the first half is VERY memorable. I think this was one of Alec Guiness' last films.

Laura H (gb) wrote: Disturbingly real, hopeless story of a 12 year old prostitute. We may not live in a perfect world, but this film is a stark reminder of how tragic and horrific life was less than 100 years ago. Graphic, gritty and uncompromising.

Ben H (ag) wrote: A thrilling cinematic adventure coupled with a stirring score, Gladiator is one of the top films of the decade. History buffs will love the epic opening battle and will be willing to overlook the slight inaccuracies which are only slightly based in reality. In real life, Commodus did indeed fight in the arena but ruled as sole emperor for 12 years before being assassinated.

Jamie I (jp) wrote: This movie begins with a case of mistaken identity. That's all I'll tell you. You must watch this movie. I very much recommend it.