An Acrid Yarn

An Acrid Yarn

In a small Texas town, two unlikely characters cross paths into what can only described as a chain of events that will change their lives forever. Deece an anti-social yet moralistic, hard working local and Buck the pastor of the local church who has been taking advantage of his female flock.

The film is directed by Ike Duncan, Tony Roberts. It based on some real events in a small town where the paster exploits his female flock to attain his infamous goal. What is his conspiracy? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Boxin R (ca) wrote: This Movie Is The Shit

Ole H (kr) wrote: Den fr en ekstra stjerne bare for at vre i sniper genren og det kan vi godt li resten er ikke noget at prale af

Omar M (it) wrote: Likeable characters, sharp dialogue and beautiful observations on life make this movie a must see.

brandon d (au) wrote: A laugh out loud mockumentary that hits the nail on the head. Rent this and you will have an entertaining night!

Leena L (kr) wrote: Women and their love stories framed inside a beauty salon in Beirut. Really sweet characters, especially the old cranky granny, all finding a happy ending of one type or another. A feel-good-film!

Sepp V (ag) wrote: The synopsis sounds stupid ie. promising. I might want to see it :P

Becca H (nl) wrote: This film is just like any another film Hilary Duff is in. She always falls in love with a guy + has some sort of simple story line. However because I love singing myself I enjoyed the singing involved. This film is okay for teenagers and her fan's. Although me becoming 19 soon, this film was a bit childish for me, Would rather watch more gown up films.

Wahida K (br) wrote: Nobody does revenge like a woman.

Michael J (fr) wrote: The only thing I wish to take from this film was the good hardcore punk that lasted a whole 10 seconds long.

Byron B (br) wrote: want to see this because it won best foreign-language film at the golden globes and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Steve D (kr) wrote: Worst slasher ever, and I should know. Not scary, actually takes away from all the Texas Chainsaws before it. And I thought part 2 was bad. Shuder

Jason K (es) wrote: Its impossible to go back and watch a Stephen King film, the acting is closer to a high school play then anything that should ever be on film.

Richard S (us) wrote: Not a very good film.

Eric H (ru) wrote: for what its worth and the time it came out. It is a great horror movie. First of all, if you're interested in seeing Fulci's work I strongly recommend you don't start here. Check out some of the other his other films first and then give this one a shot. After seeing this again I admit I kind of dig it, but it's not something to see again and again. Apparently it was meant to be a bigger budgeted and more lavish production, but something went wrong with the producer, distributor, or something and it shows. But all things considered, it's still a fairly interesting surreal horror flick.

Jen H (it) wrote: I felt as if it lost a bit of steam in the middle sections, but the satire is so good and still so relevant today.

Kyle A (de) wrote: I thought it was okay, then again this is the first horror movie I ever saw.

John H (kr) wrote: Dated but the dog fighting scenes are still spectacular. The rest is a bromance and a nod to the girl next door under the fog of war.

Nate T (fr) wrote: Classic Martin and Lewis movie. Not a top grocer at the time though. Jerry and Dean actually lost a little money on this deal. Love the coke machine though!

Eddie G (us) wrote: interesting movie, got this rate only cause it's stupid on some way, entertaining on some,,,, lots of actors from ex yugoslavia, and movie is shot in MNG and yeah Paz Vega is girl who will keep you in front of TV for long of time :=)

Chris C (br) wrote: Borrows a lot from better films (Mad Max in particular), but still a fun, mindless action movie that pays homage to 80s action fests.