An All Dogs Christmas Carol

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Charlie B. Barker and Itchy Ford are back with Sasha and the gang having a Dicken's of a time as they try to save Christmas from Carface and an evil spirit that wishes to use dogs all over the world to ruin Christmas forever.

The film follows a gang of puppies who are preparing for their Christmas. Unfortunately, the vicious demon Belladonna appears and plans to capture all dogs around the world to ruin the holiday. Given no choice left, the gang have to thwart him and save their own Christmas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jamie D (fr) wrote: They couldn't have cast a better person to play Terry Fox in this, Shawn Ashmore looks exactly like him. Great Canadian film!

Bill R (mx) wrote: a nice little slow starter that builds the character up into a whole new level. The downward spiral that takes place fits perfectly into what the movie turns into by the rolling of the credits and it ends nicely.

Brenton M (ag) wrote: What a great film in an era when people have stopped caring about story. A classic tale brought into a contemporary setting. I loved it.

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Connor O (ru) wrote: Easily the best movie of '08. Very dense. Not at all a "sit down and watch with your buddies" kind of movie. If you want to get everything you can out of it, you will most likely have to watch it 3+ times and do some internet research as well.

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Caesar M (gb) wrote: There is only one reason I watched this, Donnie Yen was in it and I thought is would be a good movie. Instead, I saw the most average movie I've ever seen. It's not bad, nor is it good. It kinda hard to explain exactly why it's average. I guess the story has a terrible balance of being gritty and humorous most of the time, but it knows exactly when to time it correctly. There some plot twists, but they're generally weak and you wished it would've gone in a different direction. The acting is both strong and weak in certain scenes of the movie. Unfortunately the only reason I saw was because it had Donnie Yen and he's not in much of this movie. While the action is below average, except when Donnie Yen fights (though still average), it won;t keep you entertain. Though what I did like was the many location of the characters went to which add realism (I think) to the movie. Overall it could've been better, but it still worth a watch just to see Donnie Yen in a early role. If your looking for a good police movie, I recommend Police Story 1-3 mostly because they're from Asia just like this movie.

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