An American Carol

An American Carol

In An American Carol a cynical, Anti-American Hollywood filmmaker sets out on a crusade to abolish the 4th of July holiday. He is visited by three spirits who take him on a hilarious journey in an attempt to show him the true meaning of America.

An anti-American filmmaker who's out to abolish the July Fourth holiday is visited by three ghosts who try to change his perception of the country. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James W (jp) wrote: Camera work sucks, storyline is poor & ridiculous gore. Points for the gorgeous Roxanne McKee.

Nick B (ca) wrote: The subject matter, people in recovery, is serious. The tone bounces back and forth between humorous and dramatic. The actors are great and they make the material real. Mark Ruffalo is fantastic, as always.

Walter M (fr) wrote: Thankfully, "Derek" has nothing to do with Derek Jeter.(Sorry, Mets fan.) Rather, it is an endearing documentary about Derek Jarman, an iconoclastic film director who challenged the status quo both politically and aesthetically, who died of AIDS related complications in 1994. Along with clips from his films and archival footage, the documentary mostly consists of a 1990 interview with Jarman which serves as a narration on his life and work, detailing the creative and political influences on his movies. After a chance meeting with Ken Russell, Jarman, an underground artist at the time, was hired to design the sets for "The Devils"(Now, there is a movie I have to see one of these days...) which turned out to be his introduction to making movies. His political involvement in movements against Thatcher and militancy for gay rights would inform even his historical films, especially "Edward II," with Jarman's signature use of anachronisms, leaving them unstuck in time and making them relevant for all times, especially the present day from which Her Timelessness Tilda Swinton recalls their collaborations and friendship.

Gwen H (au) wrote: A very fun flick to watch. Loved the songs and dance numbers. And what's not to like about Akshay Kumar? Funny, corny, colorful...true to the Bollywood style.

Aaron G (de) wrote: A snubbed, quirky movie that should've got more awards love than it did.

Leonard D (us) wrote: This feels like a get out of jail for free card that the producers just made. You might not understand what's being said in this movie. That's okay, that's normal, that's just how smart the film is. Ugh, give me a freakin break! Only good thing about this? Liu was hot! Not saying much though!

Alex S (ca) wrote: Shattered Glass is an incredibly realistic and fair portrait of Stephen Glass with (hard to believe I'm saying this) a masterful performance from Hayden Christensen. It will probably prove to be boring for some, but for those interested in journalism, Shattered Glass is a must-see.

Jenny L (nl) wrote: Has become a holiday favorite!

Trent M (fr) wrote: With a title like this and knowing that it was a TBS original movie, you know what you're getting. If you want to relax with a mindless movie, you could do worse than watching Zach Morris climb a molehill-made mountain thanks to a Dutch angle.

Kelly H (ca) wrote: I love Spanish movies, especially with Penelope Cruz. I think this movie was really charming and interesting, I enjoyed every minute.

Julie P (ca) wrote: I loved the part where he's like under the bed and he's talking about how nice it is. XD I also like when they're in the car and he's all smiling and then all the sudden the gun comes into play and his expression changes immediately. Good times. Good times.

Anders A (kr) wrote: Burt playing a strong-willed man, not due to live in the normal society. Long after his imprisonment, he finds a hurt bird in the courtyard, this changes his life. Going all in to the world of birds, he crates a universe, where he has a meaning, a mission.

X T (es) wrote: Since it's a remake of the 1934 film the tone, plot, and dramatic feel of this is quite unusual compared to Ozu's other late period films. Ozu takes more time to tell the same story and concentrates more on the atmosphere, which greatly benefits from Miyagawa' s beautiful work and the Nino Rota-like score, while the melodrama is more pronounced with sound.

Jens T (es) wrote: George Orwells, who's probably most famous for his science fiction novel 1984, also wrote a children's novel, named Animal Farm, which is the story of how the farm animals rebels against the drunk and violent farmer. But after the revolution, a pig named Napoleon have great influence within the pig circle. Who also raise an army of shepherd dogs which he uses to execute a coup d'etat, and establish a far worse dictatorship than the farms previous owner.There is pretty obvious comparisons to the russian revolution and Joseph Stalin's terror regime. It show us practicably step by step the soviet history, all the terror, reforms, suppression and deprivation that Stalin regime stood for. So is this a propaganda film, or not? superficially it is, but it also give us the facts and the natural reaction to that. And not all the pigs are evil, there were even some who supported the other animals. Talking about the movie in general, it's very dark and sad, even more macabre than a Disney film, that is probably not suited for every ages. But why not use animals? We do test everything on them, so that means animals can represent people so children can understand politics. Thumbs up.

Sean B (de) wrote: Never stop laughing at this one

Donaldo T (de) wrote: It's been a while since we've had a horror film like this. And it plays off well.7.4/10

Nick J (ru) wrote: Not what i expected it to be