An American in China

An American in China

Aimlessly cruising through his first post-Stanford University summer, 22 year old David Braddock finds himself in China where he meets Mei, an ambitious young girl who urges him to find his life's direction.

Aimlessly cruising through his first post-Stanford University summer, 22 year old David Braddock finds himself in China where he meets Mei, an ambitious young girl who urges him to find his life's direction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norberg S (ag) wrote: The last two remaining superpowers - China and Google - start a war and end the world. This is how "Die Gstettensaga: The Rise of Echsenfriedl" starts, and it's no-bullshit hilarity that you wish you could see on screen more often. The feature was co-produced by art-tech group monochrom and their friends at the Viennese media collective Traum & Wahnsinn (German for Dream & Madness; what a name!).Well, you expect high weirdness from a writer-director like Johannes Grenzfurthner, who fronts monochrom and is known for the freakiest shenanigans and the most thorough academic theories - and you get a lovin' spoonful of all of it delivered through this production.Decades after the disastrous "Google Wars," a shady media tycoon (with a weakness for Boris Vallejo) hires a pestilent journalist and an over-enthusiastic technician to do the first live broadcast of (post)-post-war history, using the emerging medium of "Tele-O-Vision." Who is to be interviewed? Echsenfriedl, a strange "pioneer of contraptions" who lives hidden in the hinterland (Austrian slang: "Gstetten") of the Alpine fringes. It's a quest to kick-start the future's future. Will it succeed? Depends on how you define "success.""Die Gstettensaga" was shot in less than a week for 5000 Euros (quite a metric!), so it is clearly a super-low-budget endeavor; but it is neither trashy nor campy, except when it wants to be trashy or campy. The film is packed with nuggets of weirdness and wisdom, and the translator of the English subtitles cannot be praised highly enough.Grenzfurthner's doctrine, if there is one at all, is to do it yourself, to try, to make it happen, maybe fail, but to do so with levity, and never let yourself be blinded by the succubus of "wrong life." It cannot be lived rightly, and many members of the oh-so-liberal hacker community should be more aware of their level of complicity with the ruling elite. Maybe they need postal officers with huge guns (flawlessly portrayed by Roland Gratzer and Evelyn Frlinger) to remind them.Thomas Weilguny's cinematography is crisp, almost documentarian, and Sarah Strauss' costumes are a real (cost-effective) joy. Tinsel-decorated, Crocs-wearing power-line-deniers never looked that swell.Is there anything to criticize? and there, but I'm not going to tell you, because what I could perceive as a flaw is probably another viewer's favorite innuendo. Decide for yourself.

Fascade F (br) wrote: Let's face it...Steven Segal is a man that will not go silently into that good night! You do him wrong and you try to get close to him he will bring you down! In this escapade, He cannot be bought, and he will go all out to reclaim what was taken from him unjustly...his good name. This is Mr. Segal in one of his finest form! See this!

Danielle A (ca) wrote: ugh i hated that movie

Frank J (jp) wrote: Brillant ou pathtique? Telle est la question. Parce que, dans l'ensemble, l'coute est vraiment moche, et on se pose encore beaucoup de question. La plupart du temps, William Keane est tout seul et il radote dans son coin (presque le 3/4 du film), tandis que nous, on s'emmerde un peu. Quant lui, le jeu de Lewis, c'est soit grandiose, soit atroce, je ne suis pas encore en mesure de me dcider. Quand j'ai vu la fin (qui n'en est pas une), je me suis dit que a aurait, bizarrement, pu tre mon genre de film, mais que a ne l'a pas t.

John L (br) wrote: Well, it's 3 AM and once again trying to stay up all night so I'm getting ready to pop this flick in. The fellas at work say I have picked 24 straight craptastic movies in a row but I have faith this is the streak breaker...

Jessica H (ca) wrote: It just works and works well.

Jakob H (br) wrote: A hidden gem of hilarious, exploitative sword and sworcery-trash!

Callum B (jp) wrote: its All rights its a bit cartoonie (which I like) but its really good.

Kirk H (kr) wrote: The Cold War sucked. This movie doesn't pretend it and we were awesome.

Robert M (ca) wrote: A fun and hilarious pre-modern comedy. Stiller proves his way of hype humor while Vaughn proves his way of classic lead-role subtlety in this slapstick and competitively engaging film. Dodgeball was certainly a fun game during my youth, and it feels quite profound to see it portrayed as if it were an actual sport (the making of this film must've been a blast). While the jokes are technically nothing too special or new, you still get a good laugh with just about every moment with the overall theme saving the film itself. Grab life by the ball.

Brienne Z (us) wrote: Corny, but endearing. Tom Selleck's moustache is so cute and fuzzy!

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

David S (kr) wrote: Only Lovers Left Alive is a film craftily made to blend misery and sorrow with life's essential beauty. Jim Jarmusch has made a culturally juicy piece of work, touching on many aspects of human history, and bringing it to the modern dilapidated end of Detroit. Swinton and Hiddleston have amazing chemistry, showcasing the immortality of love, and the powers that drive it. With captivating cinematography brought to life with guttural and poignant music, Only Lovers Left Alive leaves a lasting beautiful impression.

Denislav R (kr) wrote: I couldn't stop laughing. The best commercial I've seen in a while. I would Make the review longer, but I just bought a f*ckton of Legos and I have yet to make anything of them. Anyway, beautiful movie, very funny, and kinda deep (but don't think too much on it). Go watch it.

Robert R (gb) wrote: No stars. At all. The only reason I've given this a half of a star is because it won't show up otherwise. Simply one of the worst movies ever committed to the worthless film it occupies. An utterly incomprehensible plot, a set of dismally pathetic performances, and a never-ending tidal wave of stupidity propel this film to the heights of mediocrity. Avoid this movie like the cancerous plague it is.