An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy

A social climber (Phillips Holmes) charms a debutante (Frances Dee), seduces a factory worker (Sylvia Sidney) and commits murder

A social climber (Phillips Holmes) charms a debutante (Frances Dee), seduces a factory worker (Sylvia Sidney) and commits murder . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John B (mx) wrote: You have to keep reminding yourself this is non-fiction, fairly recent (1980's) and covers a city and it's unique "society" that still exists today. Savannah is a very different place.

Rhett B (nl) wrote: What a pleasure to still be moved by a hand-drawn animated film. Wrinkles (Spanish title: Arrugas), came to my attention when scanning the shortlist of the Best Animated Feature category for the 2012 Oscars.Unrelated, I received a request to view the film online, just prior to the closing of ballots for the Oscars.Wrinkles is by far one of the most enjoyable and moving animated films I have seen.It will still be on my mind when I write my list of best films at year end.None of the emotion is forced. The characters genuinely feel real, and have an instant like/dislike quality to them. Emilio is a retired banker suffering the onset of Alzheimers.His family move him into a nursing home, where, as he struggles to acclimatise to a changing life, he befriends the other residents. Each have their own quirk, their own way of handling the slow journey of their life. The opening scene of Wrinkles grabbed my attention with its smart use of undercutting a viewer(TM)s expectation. Not everything you see is what you expect. In the monotonous setting of a retirement home, we begin to understand the escapism and lies the residents endure each day. All but one scene fails to hit the right chord. A late night journey seems unexpected, a little too improbable, but thankfully doesn(TM)t impact on the overall charm of the film.Wrinkles is a lovely and rewarding achievement. The achievement isn(TM)t in the style of animation, but in the emotion of the story.It is what animation should be. Not reliant on overzealous animation, or catchy production numbers, but driven by a thoughtful and meaningful story with a lead character you care deeply for. Wrinkles received a nomination for the Best Animated Feature at the ~Annie Awards(TM). As well it received a Best Screenplay and Best Animated Film nomination at the ~Goya Awards(TM).At the time of writing this review , it is among the films shortlisted by the Academy for the Best Animated Film category.

Nick B (de) wrote: The way it advertisied it looked like it was going to be filled with sex and nudity but there was none have no idea why it got an R rating here it wasnt bad at all. I enjoyed the movie it was very well written and the women in it were really hot. I'm keeping a look for Adrianne Palicki in other movies she was mega hot. I thought it was weird they put Joseph Gordon-levitt's name in the credits and he's not in the movie till after the end credits.

Arnaud N (ca) wrote: Slow and boring, picking only a few pieces of the original story to build a poor family drama...

Naveen S (nl) wrote: A film about a dyslexic boy, whose reality includes people who don't see the world in a way he does, until a teacher resolves to make his world better by recognizing and nurturing his creativity.

Christina B (jp) wrote: sounds alright.. but will have to see it to tell if it's shit or not! woot woot

Craig W (jp) wrote: Perhaps the strangest movie idea, ever. Odd humor, strange events - either you'll really like it or really hate it.

Grant S (nl) wrote: Mostly mediocre but saved by the ending.Michael Faraday (played by Jeff Bridges) is a Professor, specialising in modern terrorism and terrorist acts on US soil in particular. His wife was an FBI agent but was killed in a bungled operation. A new family moves into the neighbourhood and, to Michael, certain things about the husband of the family don't gel. So he does some investigating...For much of this movie, this was a very conventional, run-of-the-mill thriller. Even calling it a "thriller" flatters it, as it had no twists or intrigues at all - everything was out in plain sight. Then it got even worse, degenerating into mindless chase scenes.However, it redeems itself, to an extent, with a great twist at the end. But for that this would have been a total write-off.

Vincent T (kr) wrote: Tres bon film d'action mais pas le meilleur Bond. Pat contre le meilleur Brosnan sans aucun doute.

Jedidiah C (it) wrote: what can I say man damn. Just see it that's all.

Israel B (ag) wrote: Obra prima do tropicalismo e marco do cinema brasileiro.

Nate T (br) wrote: Fifth Road movie loses a bit of steam but is still fun.

Brian S (ca) wrote: A good crocodile goes on a rampage film, the northern forest atmosphere is actually better then the tropical and place of origins of the beast. The movie's got sympathetic characters, a mix of bloody violence and humor and the crocodile is actually saved at the end of the film. How could this movie be panned by audiences and critics ? Recommended !

Josh W (it) wrote: Not nearly as good as Support Your Local Sherriff, the roles weren't even the same, but still decent.