An Angel Named Billy

An Angel Named Billy

Mark Anderson, a recent stroke victim who is frail and weak. Also, his best friend Thomas, a classic over the hill drag queen desperate for love and happiness. Mark and Thomas have a master plan, to find Mark's son, James Anderson the love of his life once and for all.

Evicted from his home, a pleasant gay teen finds support and acceptance as a hired caregiver for a professional photographer's father after his latest stroke. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AJ G (ca) wrote: Oh, how the mighty have fallen, James Marsters. This does NOT make up for Dragonball Evolution, sir. Four words, Spike. Get. a. new. agent.

jarrad b (mx) wrote: tries to be a noir thriller but is just a average flick

Zachary R (nl) wrote: A new favorite of mine. The use of the marionettes is well done and executed brilliantly. Incorporating it into the world itself and building a mythology of this world around it. The voice work is amazing and you actually get to a point where you don't even notice the mouths aren't moving! Now the story itself. It's a pretty solid good old coming of age story. Sure we've seen it a million times over, but the execution is very good. My only beef is the ending. It's not terrible you could cut it just before the shot with the bird about to fly and it would work. Other than that though a true hidden gem that I'll definitely be adding to my collection one day.

Rob B (nl) wrote: While this film is full of gags that's enjoyable in an immature way, See Spot Run overall has a touching friendship value that may be overshadowed.

Alan Fong D (it) wrote: Beautiful cars, trashy production. 'Nuff said.

Christopher K (fr) wrote: it's been a long time since I've seen this need to rewatch so 3 from what I remember

Lee M (es) wrote: Beautifully filmed, but suffers from deliberate pacing and a shallow, uninspired viewpoint.

Steve E (au) wrote: It's a good movie, too bad it's in black & white because the cinematography is good, plus real San Francisco scenes, not fake. The acting and characters are charming, and this movie is tender, very refreshing from the violence of today's movies. Yet it's over two hours long, and slow moving at times. Very nostalgic, and a slice of Norwegian immigrant family values and lives, not perfect in the rendering of the Norwegian accents, but not distracting either, if it hadn't been so long I'd rate it higher, color would have been nice too. Overall a nostalgic 40's movie about a 1910 immigrant family. Captures the strong family values and simple life of those days, with good overall cinematography.

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