An Inconsistent Truth

An Inconsistent Truth

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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An Inconsistent Truth is one man's odyssey to find the truth about man-made global warming. As the title suggests, this is an answer to Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary but it's much ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


An Inconsistent Truth torrent reviews

Andy B (us) wrote: It's a very very well shot film, but unfortunately lacks the distinctive humor of it's three main actresses.The script's general premise is kind of cliche and it takes a little while to start feeling original. Basically the whole thing mostly resembles a Disney channel original with vagina jokes. But there's moments of cuddly sweetness and the characters are VERY endearing. It's not bad at all, it just lacks the edge and spontaneity fans have grown familiar with from the three leads. Good job though, and I really look forward to what else they come up with in the future.

Mark F (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies.

Jeff N (br) wrote: Knowing that my birth was not even a decade removed from the end of such an idiotic time in our political history makes watching a movie like "Trumbo" somewhat difficult. Not only am I aghast at how people could have treated other people in the manner the movie represents, but I also cannot believe that investigations continued 3 years into my own life. These kind of activities now would be halted very quickly. That being said, while at times a bit slow, the story is captivating and the performances riveting. It was interesting to see Jay Roach do something so serious, even in its comedic moments. Louis CK continues to show his range in the most dramatic role in which I've seen him. Helen Mirren, whom I love, had me legitimately hating her. Michael Stuhlbarg as Edward G Robinson is phenomenal, as is Dean O'Gorman as Kirk Douglas. However, the most amazing performance is from Bryan Cranston himself, who continues to prove what an incredible actor he is. It's almost shameful that he has to compete with the like of Matt Damon, who does absolutely nothing special in "The Martian," yet is up for the same award. While many have Leo pegged to win for "The Revenant," Bryan has to be a close second.

Zach S (au) wrote: I have to be in the right mood, but Lewis Black can be really funny. He's so angry, it's great.

James T (ca) wrote: Pretty good, very slow at the beginning.

Paula B (es) wrote: I'm a major music fan, and a major history fan. So this movie about a faux history of the music industry was perfect for me.

Dilhara A (ru) wrote: An engaging, convincing and thought-provoking movie, (especially in light of recent events connected to Ebola) with a stellar cast.

David S (es) wrote: This political thriller cum sports drama won the 1985 Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film" and in any other year it probably wouldn't have won as it is a rather unexceptional film (though still a good one, none the less). The reason why this film garnered the award is probably due to the fact that the other nominees were rather unexceptional as well (in fact, none of them even got a video release here in the States besides Mara Luisa Bemberg's "Camila"). Another possible reason it won the coveted award is that it dealt with the issue communism and the tensions of the Cold War, which probably struck a chord with viewers and the critics alike.

La K (ru) wrote: A class above Outrage but still too dull to thrill.

Michael G (jp) wrote: The trick to enjoying Big Bad Mama lies in paying strict attention during the opening credits and looking for a specific name during the credits -- namely Roger Corman. Once you realize that you're in for more of an entertaining movie than a good one and absolving Big Bad Mama of any great expectations, only then are you in for a good time. All the movie really consists of is a series of random and uncased robberies and excuses to see Angie Dickinson and her daughters naked and taking turns with Tom Skerritt against a backdrop of Depression-era backwoods silliness with a pretty abrupt ending. This isn't to say Big Bad Mama is all bad, said silliness is the movie's most endearing quality (Dickinson being a close second) and William Shatner in a hysterically horrible acting job is also worth the time. And yes, Big Bad Mama is pretty much a Bonnie and Clyde knockoff, but realizing that is the trick to enjoying it.

Anna S (ca) wrote: and yes I did just say that

Charlie M (us) wrote: Folk monsters fight against each other in this entertaining spooky action pic.