An Na yu wu lin

An Na yu wu lin

(Cantonese with English subtitles) An advertising executive revamps a defunct martial arts tournament in order to use it in an advertising campaign for his current project. He also enlists ...

(Cantonese with English subtitles) An advertising executive revamps a defunct martial arts tournament in order to use it in an advertising campaign for his current project. He also enlists ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anson H (kr) wrote: I saw this before I even knew what E.T was and after watching E.T, I can tell this is a slight rip off, and E.T is definitely better, but I still really liked this. I thought it had an interesting story, well developed characters and some creative ideas. It's good.

Sam C (fr) wrote: this movie is great for fans of found footage films...although there is nothing new here to just became your typical conspiracy/horror movie

Dolores H (ag) wrote: Slow to start and then the plot goes all over the place.

Johnny T (es) wrote: This was a disappointment. Though Larger Than Life tries so hard to please, the fact that it proves a sad waste of all the talents involved lands it firmly on the wrong side of likeable. Murray did his share of ad-libbing here, which is probably a reason why several of the comic sequences work. Since Murray is simply 'being Murray', there isn't a lot of intensive acting going on. It's hard watching a comic of Bill Murray's talents get upstaged by a bored-looking elephant. The ending is one of unearned sentiment, and it's hard to imagine what attracted Murray and a number of then unknown thesps star in this transparently thin material. It's not even that the film is bad, just so inconsequential. Matthew McConaughey (in a gig he fulfilled before his A Time to Kill hype) is momentarily funny as a long-distance trucker on speed, but his shtick, which was expanded mid-production, gets no funnier with extended screen time. Murray does have one reasonably amusing scene in which he mounts and rides the elephant, but otherwise the laughs are hard to find. This is one of Bill Murray's least enjoyable (and gimmickiest) experiments. Hopefully, this is one that even the elephant will manage to forget. VERDICT: "Not So Hot" - [Negative Reaction] These films are truly terrible films. They are not the worst things ever made, but they are definitely awful and should not be seen by anyone. (Films that are rated 1.5 or 2 stars)

Private U (mx) wrote: I didn't like the format; but, it was very insightful.

Dan H (br) wrote: Decent little twist at the end. It made me angry yet happy.

Hard H (nl) wrote: I have it and have watched it a few times

Liam L (br) wrote: The best of the American Pie series!

Kevin S (nl) wrote: This is about a guy who is a referee for the NBA who's father dies in France. While the airport loses his fathers remains he falls in love with a woman that works in the airport. This movie basically follows their up and down and sometimes really rocky relationship which you find out when the movie starts is being told by friends waiting for them at a restaurant. Like always you get a good comedy act from billy crystal. I am a huge fan of his. He is pretty comical in this. I also see some other actors I recognize in this. For a romance comedy it was pretty good. If you liked this movie I also recommend when harry met Sally. This was not as funny but still a great movie especially if you are like me and enjoy watching billy crystal .

G T (ru) wrote: Bill recommended 6.13.07

Private U (nl) wrote: Definitelly, among the best western i ever have seen. The duel between the main characters is awesome.

Michael N (au) wrote: One of Peckinpah's best. Simple and austere story of one man being pushed to the limit.

Joseph L (es) wrote: After I watched this film, I was surprised for two reasons. I didn't think it would bore the shit out of me throughout its entire running time. As for number two, I never really liked Loki, but surprisingly he was the only part of this snoozefest that was quite interesting and likeable.