An Unfinished Life

An Unfinished Life

Stoic and heartbroken, Einar Gilkyson quietly lives in the rugged Wyoming ranchlands alongside his only trusted friend, Mitch Bradley. Then, suddenly, the woman he blames for the death of his only son arrives at his door broke, desperate, and with a granddaughter he's never known. But even as buried anger and accusations resurface, the way is opened for unexpected connection, adventure, and forgiveness.

Desperate to provide care for her daughter, down-on-her-luck Jean moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Over time, they grow closer and try to heal their emotional wounds. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frank O (fr) wrote: Brilliant acting. Suspensful. Good ending.

Steve G (it) wrote: You know exactly where it's going from the moment it begins. But the roommates look like sisters. Predictable post-modern moralism. Apparently, people who don't mutilate themselves are prone to lunacy. -_- And the bf was a db.Some of those scenes were so awkward. Meester is believable.

Predrag B (de) wrote: How many films about the Jews can be made by Hollywood?I guess the number is endless.The only thing moving about this film was its effect on my bowls!Jakob?s unrealistic meeting and eventual marriage with Alex is particularly nauseating in its stupidity and lack of originality. The rest of the film attempts to give a very forced sense of meaning through poor old Jakob's horrible plight, as he desperately struggles to come to terms with his beautiful wife and successful career.This is a stupid, pointless film telling a meaningless story about the only people who have ever suffered throughout the entire history of humanity. The Jews!

Matt W (gb) wrote: very moving and realistic perfomances and story

Jeff B (gb) wrote: The more I have watched this movie the more I have come to appreciate it. critics got this one wrong.

Leena L (ag) wrote: To look at 50 a fraction as good as Catherine Deneuve does in Indochine, one could feel blessed! And...Vincent Perez in uniform: oh lala!Seriously though, the film is beautiful, dramatic family story against historical backdrop. works even on rerun, which can not be said about all the films.

James H (mx) wrote: Fun film, with a really exceptional performance by Lenny Henry, great job. It's a little over the top at times, but it can be overlooked because of such a fine cast. Some of the make-up is awesome.

Michael G (ca) wrote: It's more of a cannibal film than a zombie one. There's cheesy acting and good gory violence but the ending is a big let down.

jay n (br) wrote: Lurid, over the top melodrama with Crawford giving a tough, spirited performance against wonderful opponent Sydney Greenstreet, theirs is a terrificly malevolent chemistry. They pretty much wipe everybody else off the screen except for Gladys George in a sharp cameo.

Eliabeth O (es) wrote: I'm still not exactly sure of the plot details of this movie - who "Frenchie" is and why he needed Captain Bogie's help - but it doesn't matter. The Martinique hotel with it's smoky piano bar is a great backdrop to the romance between Steve and Slim.

Brandon S (br) wrote: I'm still momentously impressed by Joe Carnahan's command of the scenes he orchestrates. This thing could have very well been a runaway train with only brief moments of successful action, but his script and the talent of the cast always seems to persevere. That being said, the energy reaches a fever pitch at times that is quite unsustainable, and that forces the film to, despite the strength in other areas, simply lie there; seemingly unsure of where it's headed.That's the great curse of this film: Joe Carnahan, talented as he may be, tried to fit a TV miniseries inside of a 110 minute movie that is only handicapped by its lack of available time to elaborate.