Anak ng Tondo

Anak ng Tondo

As a baby, Berting (Rudy Fernandez) was abandoned by his father and was left inside a church only to be taken care of by a priest. After the priest passed away, he wandered around Tondo ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1985
  • Language:Tagalog,Filipino,English
  • Reference:Imdb
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As a baby, Berting (Rudy Fernandez) was abandoned by his father and was left inside a church only to be taken care of by a priest. After the priest passed away, he wandered around Tondo ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandy K (it) wrote: Quirky, funny, and poignant story of a 13-year-old Maori boy from the city whose last chance in foster care lands him on a remote farm at the edge of the New Zealand bush with an exuberantly cheerful woman and her extremely taciturn husband.

Edmund C (au) wrote: Ranbir Kapoor makes for good viewing, what with his simple Tom Hankslike demeanour. The story takes place in my beloved Mumbai. On the day they first meet, Sid takes new-girl in town Aisha to where else but Marine Drive! Aisha is admirable in her ambition and independence, moving alone from Calcutta to the big city, hoping to realise her dreams of becoming a writer. It's really cool how she let him tumpang at her rented apartment with such plutonic fashion. Yet later on, she finds she has developed feelings for the boy she earlier called 'not grown up' - and she seems to be in shadow when it comes to this - they end up fighting easily. Sid is a dropout who leaves home after a fight with mum and dad, a rich kid who learns things the hard way when his card has no more credit and when he stays hungry at home waiting for Aisha to return from work, and eventually learns to cook an egg from the neighbour! Touching and delicately made. Looking forward for more Ranbir :)

Adam F (it) wrote: While calling "Streets of Blood" good might be a stretch there are some solid elements among the missteps and if you're a fan of Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson he stands out as a pretty good actor in the film. Most of the performances are actually pretty good and if characters aren't convincing in their parts it's mostly because the material they're given often reduces them to cartoonish characters. Many characters are really outlandish and aren't believable at all while other are just fine. "Stan" seems like a realistic person, someone who starts cutting corners and eventually can't help but succumb to temptation as his personal problems keep pilling up but Val Kilmer's character "Andy" is one of the most corrupt police officers you'll ever see... and he's supposed to be the good guy? Are we supposed to cheer for someone that goes around endangering himself and his fellow officers, making up stories and breaking into warehouses just so he can be judge, jury and executioner? It's made clear that he doesn't steal anything (drugs, weapons or money) from the crooks he takes down but he guns down so many people that the whole film you'll be expecting every other bad copy to drop what they're doing and rat him out except for the fact that the other bad cops we see carelessly go around executing whoever they please, discharging their firearms in mid-air in celebration (bet you that isn't suspicious, don't officers have to report to their superiors every time they pull the trigger?) while the enormously incompetent police chief sits around either oblivious or in denial.There are at least two side plots that could have been dropped (The psychiatrist suspecting the corruption and the mysterious gang getting the upper hand on all of the others to name a couple) to help streamline the movie and clarify how we're supposed to feel about each character, how the city is changing them and where they're ultimately headed. As is, some plots go nowhere and there's at least one character who's simply dropped altogether towards the climax of the film. During the end credits we see shots of New Orleans and we get to witness the sorry state the people and the city is in but there's no clear message as to what needs to be done or how we should feel about it aside from the natural "wow, that's too bad that no help is coming" reaction you would get from a normal news report. If you're a really big fan of cop dramas "Streets of Blood" might be your thing but amid the things that work there are a too many messy scenes that don't. (Dvd, March 3, 2013)

Lu A (us) wrote: well acted but not much new to add to the genre...some scenes did drag on and on...but still worth seeing.

Ky K (br) wrote: This thriller has an interesting idea, however the drama doesn't capture the full attention due to some fails in its script.

Andrew B (mx) wrote: funny concept and Jemaine Clement is awesome but i really didnt find it that funny

David F (it) wrote: didnt quite grab my balls like I expected

Dan M (es) wrote: Unlikeable cast of characters and poor acting. There is little to like about this film and it has not aged well. I rarely turn off a movie but about 3/4 the way through I couldn't take anymore. The one interesting this about this movie is the interpretation of how virtual reality would be used. I couldn't even enjoy this movie ironically. Skip it.

Xander H (ca) wrote: A compelling action movie that dazzles you with its absolutely incredible effects that wouldn't be matched for the next 10 years.

Ben G (ru) wrote: A peek on a gloomy theater director and his reflections on life, aging, theatrical art and truth. The whole movie takes place in one scenery, an old theater stage. The film has a feeling of a theater show with only three characters, main focus is on the dialog of deep melancholy of an aging director and his flirtatious actress, that pays him a visit after the rehearsal. I've found most thought-provoking the ending scenario, when the two builds together a set of future events that will be brought about by an affair of the two, a course of events starting from a flirt and leading to their demise.

Sam M (jp) wrote: Good old fashioned Chevy and screwball!

David H (us) wrote: This is defently one of my favourite Movies, one of the best Movies of all Time and the best Movie of Sergej Eisenstein a epic Masterpiece that tells the Story of Mexico from his Pre-Columbian Society that is more similar to ours that i ever thought with a Matrichal Society in which the Man has a better Life than in our Patricharl Society the Woman must work and aim the Money and rule and the Man can relax and wait for a Woman who present them a expensive Coulier to marry them, a Society that praise the Mother of Gods as their Godness and celebrate Masqerades pilgrame to their holy Temples than the Spanish came and destroy their Religion with Fire and Sword and build up their Churches instead of the Temples but it changed less the People still pilgrame on the same Routes, they praise the Lady Madonna instead of the Mother of the Gods and still masqerade them that with the Madonna is a Thing that we see in Soutern Europe too there have the Woman more to say and do more Work and there they praise the Madonna while in Full Patrial Societys they praise Jesus the Scene with the Bull Fight is also amazing it totally bounds me in how the Torero control the Bull and he risk his Life some People say this Bull Fights are Animal Abuse but thats Bullshit its more generous to let a Bull his Nuts and give him a Last Fight instead of cut them off throw them in with thousand other Oxes in a Box and kill them without they can defend them than the Scene were is shown the Beautyfull Life of the Rich Mexicans of the Feudal Mexico and the Poor Life of the Poor Mexican who only Reason to live on is their Religion they pray by the Madonna for do and End to their Sufferings and the Scene with the Men who suck out the Algarves and spit it out so it turn to Mescal that's real a hard sucking Job then the Scene in Fascist Mexico where the White Landlords thread the Natives like Animals they live a happy Life in their Haciendas and the Natives must suffer in their own Land it's so sad that the Scene with the Mexican Revolution is missing all the Fault of this Cocksucker Stalin i hope get fucked in the Ass in the Hell every Hour and the Last Scene with the Day of Muertes a real interesting Celebration i will be a Pleasure to see it live one Day i really like to visit Mexico

Max M (br) wrote: Director/co-writer Bernardo Bertolucci's vast epic story about the rise of fascism and communism in Italy, set over nearly half a century from 1900 to 1945, is incredibly ambitious and extraordinary looking, but story-wise leaves much to be desired.Bertolucci attempts to humanize the events in the film by centering on two friends, played by Robert DeNiro and Gerard Depardieu, born on the same day in 1901 (the day of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi's death), DeNiro's character representing the wealthy landowner who turns a blind eye to the rise of fascism and Depardieu as the peasant farmer who preaches the edicts of socialism, but never effectively makes any sort of point due to the rambling nature of the script and the incredible running time of the picture (at nearly five and-a-half hours one could make the joke that the title of the film is actually it's running time).It's not to say the film is a complete failure. Bertolucci and the great cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage, Apocalypse Now, Reds) compose some beautiful shots creating compelling mise en scenes that work independently in and of themselves, but as a whole don't quite work.It's like too small an amount of paint spread over too wide of a canvas.

John R (us) wrote: 170425: Major Brady's (Jeff Chandler) hair, the non-Indian Indians and the brassieres of the day are just some of my complaints with this film. Did not inspire me in any way.

Private U (ca) wrote: good missionary film, really funny but great for a date

Franois M (ag) wrote: La question qui m'a suivi tout au long de ce film : Mais comment, diable, ont-ils pu attirer Joan Cusak et John Goodman dans cette galre ?On pourrait croire que c'est un film de dimanche aprs-midi pluvieux, pop-corn et couverture, mais il y en a tout plein d'autres qui peuvent faire le travail (Nothing Hill, Bridget Jones, Trainwreck, Holidays etc).Ici, c'est pas trs drle. peine sympathique et pas trs bien jou...Superficiel, peut-tre mme plus que le film de Sex and the city...

Evelyn C (de) wrote: I thought it was beautiful. As a story with a positive message, artistically told. I think Joffe outdoes himself in the film direction and cinematography. I understand the actors also got very deeply involved, and I think both Cox and Bentley do a great job- especially Cox, who manages to portray a 20th century saint as someone who is also very deeply human. Kudos to both director and star cast for their excellent performances. Granted, the plot can feel a bit unwieldy, like trying to hug a 10m-wide tree, but that's due to the complex themes driving the plot : forgiveness, the Spanish Civil War, politics, Catholicism and spirituality and the bigger things in life (cf "Do you hate God?" scenes, Opus Dei... ) I have to say I totally love the girl in the lunatic asylum. She's eerie, wistful and sweetly appealing at the same time. A job well done. There are also many layered messages that get missed out on the first viewing, such as the treatment of fatherhood and family; more than a film worth watching, this is a thought-provoker that needs to be chewed on .

Anastasia (mx) wrote: Little unnecessary (08) OWN VHS