Raj(Shashi Kapoor) and Poonam (Sharmila Tagore) are sweethearts cursed with extreme poverty. Raj must provide for his family, and arrange for his sister's marriage. Poonam fights for ...

Raj(Shashi Kapoor) and Poonam (Sharmila Tagore) are sweethearts cursed with extreme poverty. Raj must provide for his family, and arrange for his sister's marriage. Poonam fights for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Damir A (ca) wrote: An excellent look at the greed behind the Iraqi invasion.

Melanie M (de) wrote: An embodiment of all things Bollywood, Chandni Chowk to China interweaves singing, acrobatic dancing and kung fu into this effusive picaresque. The 2 1/2 hour action-comedy mlange follows the emotional growth of Sidhu (Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar), a down-on-his-luck cook, on a life-changing escapade to China replete with comedic snafus and jolting musical outbursts. Rather than embrace the work ethic demonstrated by adoptive father Dada (Mithun Chakraborty), Sidhu pours his faith into a POTATO that may or may not resemble the Indian god of obstacles, Ganesh. Lo and behold, two Chinese men turn up with the unexpected message that Sidhu is the reincarnation of a great warrior. Chopstick, a half-Chinese soothsayer, is pretty sure that Sidhu was a mosquito in his former life. Nevertheless, he relays the "great warrior" memo to Sidhu's delight. Chopstick fails mention that an entire Chinese village is counting on Sidhu to save them from the pernicious gangster Hojo (Gordon Liu of Kill Bill), who relishes decapitation with his bowler hat. If the plot sounds a tad trite that's because it is. But, Sidhu is a loveable hero in a manner reminiscent of Steve Martin: Simultaneously world-weary and nave this bumbling oaf miraculously blunders his way through a poisoning attempt, a slew of unimpressed Chinese villagers and duels with any number of evil villains. Amidst catastrophic errors in judgment and coming into his own as a warrior, Sidhu manages a love affair with the stunning ingnue, Sakhi, played by model and emerging actress Deeprika Padukone. A Warner Bros. Production, Chandni Chowk to China is well chosen to be the largest Bollywood release in the West to date. With a slim $8 million budget, this is a directorial achievement that completed filming in three chaotic months of travel through India, China and Thailand. Although the humor and narrative arc may prove predictable for jaded Western audiences, both are well executed and it's tough to imagine anyone leaving this farce with a scowl.

Antony N (au) wrote: John Woo has really outdone himself here and created a masterful historical epic, one that delves deep into the 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'! Not only does it sport a brilliant international ensemble cast (props to Kaneshiro as the quirky strategist, Zhuge Liang and Vicky Zhao as the sassy princess Sun) but also includes technical wizardry and a pinch of melodrama that we've come to expect throughout Asian cinema. Not only that but it is undeniably a visual feast for the eyes, almost reaching the aesthetic pinnacle of Yimou Zhang's Hero.The film is set in the Han dynasty, a particularly tumultuous period in Chinese history. The entire country was undergoing a massive upheaval, with opposing factions hoping to thwart the efforts of their rivals with the help of their various generals and advisors. Woo's Red Cliff details one of the most crucial moments during this period of history and with a little help from some great CGI and a talented cast he manages to make this oriental epic truly epic. Unlike its much shorter western cut, the original Chinese version retains a clear grasp on its large cast, offering viewers with much needed character moments that were more or less removed from the theatre release. Although it's understandable as to why said scenes were removed the film feels incomplete without them. If you have the patience to endure the full length extravaganza that is Red Cliff then I guarantee you'll be subject to a brilliant military epic filled with dazzling fight scenes and the occasional moments of cinematic genius.

Steve D (it) wrote: One of those girly movies I still loved. The cast is wonderful and this movie was the first time I saw Hayden Panettiere. Worth seeing for her alone. I love watching Figure skating which helps.

Ben P (nl) wrote: A so-so action film, it has some fairly cool fight scenes but nothing that really sets it apart from other films.

Frances H (kr) wrote: Although a pleasant and quirky film with a good cast, I would not rate it at 94%.

Rajkiran P (br) wrote: A movie with a lot of moves and the training methods are surprising.

Erick F (fr) wrote: A spectacular movie about a man (Trintignant) who is capable accept and transform himself as a chameleon. The tango scene in my superficial opinion is the best. Sandrelli and Sanda dancing that song... it is definitely pretty beauty! Bertolucci tem uma grande capacidade de captar o trivial e colocar em seu trabalho.

Lauree K (ag) wrote: The official reviewer got the ending wrong. Verden doesn't set the fire intentionally, and Christopher left with Rowena at Verden's request, before the flames even started. What makes the ending cool is Verden's necrophilia and his determination to murder Ligeia's cat. The scene of man versus cat is hilarious.

Dark M (ru) wrote: thoroughly entertaining horror with shocks & thrills.

Abel D (es) wrote: Visceral and often unsettling, Parker effectively recounts 60s Southern race tensions in this slick drama. Two powerhouse & contrasting performances from Hackman and Defoe are amply supported by a continuous tension and sense of unease in the environment & folks they investigate.

Cattera Y (jp) wrote: Rangoweird, yet felt so right