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Anastacia torrent reviews

Chris M (de) wrote: Complete Dud.A Tim Buckley/Jeff Buckley movie with numerous performances, yet no hint of "Morning Dew", Hallelujah", or "So Real". .. The three best songs of their combined careers. I guess the producers of this film didn't see financial justification in paying for the musical rights of any of these three songs to make a good movie out of this mess.Don't waste your time like I did.

Kevin R (it) wrote: I can already feel the blood bath.A North Korean agent/detective works in South Korea and convinces his boss that a North Korean assassin is about to make the news. He teams up with an ambitious assassin to help take down the assassin known as The Shadow. "Please stop. Do you see them only as money?"Hun Jang, director of Rough Cut and The Front Line, delivers Secret Reunion. The storyline for this picture is actually fairly intricate and well done. The action is also very dramatic and the cast delivers excellent performances. The cast includes Kang-ho Song, Dong-wong Kang, and Su-ho Ha. "You'll make me more money over time."I grabbed this off Netflix because I have historically thoroughly enjoyed Kang-ho Song's pictures (Thirst and The Host). This was another well done and well written picture. The film isn't perfectly paced, but I did enjoy the way the film is executed. I recommend giving this a viewing. "I want to live!"Grade: B

Carrie R (au) wrote: Acting not that great, but harmless Christmas movie.

Christy Leigh S (fr) wrote: Great writing. Horrible acting.

MEC r (de) wrote: This movie was ok...

Graham D (br) wrote: Realistic and ultimately heart breaking.

Private U (nl) wrote: I liked it. It had alot going on - it was a good story.

Neil M (fr) wrote: Not the best of movies but not the worst either. One thing is for sure, it makes a strong statement that you have to pay attention to no matter what your opinion is on nuclear weapons and diplomacy through the barrel of a gun.

Scott C (us) wrote: One of the lamest comedies I've ever seen.

Naomi G (kr) wrote: Fresh off Death Wish and having been propelled to the status of highest paid and sought after actor in Hollywood, Bronson set about starring in this follow up to Death Wish. It's really only for people who loved the Bronson-Kersey persona and would like to see more lone justice being meted out. Through the Death Wish series, Bronson had created a freelance privatized version of Dirty Harry. All of the same values are espoused except no longer do those annoying warrants have to be circumvented, because who needs one when there's no criminal justice system either. Lots of violence and little thought but Bronson gives a decent performance.

Lindsey Y (gb) wrote: I watched this film yesterday and it has to be one of the most boring movies I've ever sat through. I was impressed the CG is so close to the games, and pleased that a certain character in red didn't show up, though other than that there aren't many redeeming qualities. The zombie shoot-out felt rushed to make room for a biohazard threat that ultimately topped in a puss-out moment, the characters speak more like robots than human beings and most of the film felt like it was being dragged out to fill time. Starting to understand why it was in a dollar store's movie bin.

Aaron G (au) wrote: A powerhouse of a film.