Anatomy of a Love Seen

Anatomy of a Love Seen

From Writer/Director Marina Rice Bader (Executive Producer Elena Undone, A Perfect Ending) comes this film within a film that explores love in all its painful and messy glory. Six months ago Zoe and Mal fell for each other while filming a love scene, which led to an intense, whirlwind affair, followed by a devastating breakup. Soon after their split, things get complicated when the two have to meet on set once more to re-shoot that fateful sequence.

Exploring love, in all it's painful and messy glory. Six months ago actresses Zoe and Mal fell for each other at exactly the same moment in time while filming a love scene. After five ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy H (fr) wrote: Not much of a movie, just plenty of gore really.

Eduardo C (nl) wrote: "Why did you come to Israel?' "I came to Palestine.""You know you won't make it out of our Promised Land." "I don't know what part of these lands were promised to you, but I promise you six feet under."

Ahmed M (au) wrote: National Treasure is a good adventure movie, if you can put aside some horrible mistakes in the plot itself.

Dylan D (jp) wrote: Jesus what the hell was wrong with the person that read this and gave it life?

Betty S (jp) wrote: As a purely visual film, it's exceptionally difficult to review or even recommend. It depends mainly on what you want to get from it; you definitely won't be satisfied if you want a stroyline or, hell, even discernible imagery at all. However, if you want something visually and artistically compelling, while simultaneously being grotesque and uncomfortable, this film won't disappoint, as it has perfectly executed what it hoped to achieve.

Jessi (jp) wrote: my favorite of all Time!!!! Being raised in a dirt racing family, we all saw the movie when it was released. The tracks are real tracks that I have been to growing up. but being half ga peach and living in the area the distance between stone mnt park and Atl. mortorspeedway is ficticious being AMS is actually in hampton ga.

Allison K (au) wrote: Fantastically boring, wonderfully obnoxious, and amazingly bad, Xanadu is a movie you want to avoid at all costs. With awful performances and just a downright stupid plot, this movie will make you think "Did someone slip drugs into my food?". Make no mistake, Xanadu is awful.

Lee Anne W (nl) wrote: The Maysles. This is a documentary about door-to-door Bible salesmen, who hawk their wares on housewives (and occasionally their husbands) in late 60s Boston and Miami. Many times, I felt awful for the salesmen, with their index cards filled with potential leads (it sounds like they'd advertise at local Catholic churches, and the congregations were their targets), until I would watch them go to work on a poor, gullible woman and coerce her into committing to the sale. It's a sad, funny, fascinating look at a vanished profession and different world.Boy, do I love the Maysles.

Aj V (ca) wrote: I really loved this movie. Not only because it stars Marcello Marstoianni, but because it's a futuristic thriller with a bit of comedy. I highly recommend it.

Dan S (fr) wrote: McQueen is excellent. Quite graphic for the time.

Richard H (kr) wrote: REVIEW: "BOB LE FLAMBEUR" (originally released in the US as "Fever Heat" in 1956, although the title is more like "Bob, the High-Roller" or "Bob, the Gambler"): Famous mid-50s film, often credited with anticipating the handheld camera and other techniques of the French New Wave. Very atmospheric, and you can tell that the very French director Melville loved and was influenced by American films from the 40s. Kind of "Runyon-esque" -- Bob and his gang are thugs and proud of it, but also somehow honorable, charming and stylish as only the movies can make them. :)

Carlos M (kr) wrote: An impressive achievement considering that this was Ray's first film, and he displays an enormous confidence in the direction of this hypnotizing and realistic look into the life of a Bengali family struggling with poverty as witnessed by the eyes of an eight year-old boy.

Allen B (gb) wrote: Love the music and Jennifer Aniston looks incredible. And I would want the Batmobile as well.

Armando B (gb) wrote: This fourth installment in the "Step Up" franchise was a dull. Is pretty much the same thing but new faces and new routines to dance off. I love the first 2 step up films, but once they took out more of this franchise I started to dislike them. I like the comeback of Moose though that was the best part. So for this being the least favorite of the franchise and not really was not that impress, I give "Step Up Revolution" C-.