Ancient Warriors

Ancient Warriors

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A military unit teams up with an island's ancient warrior spirits to battle a crime lord. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keshav K (kr) wrote: one of the best suspense Hindi movies. The movie needs to be seen twice, once thinking she is real and the second time thinking she is illusion/hallucination.

Anna I (kr) wrote: The 80's soundtrack was really good. I also liked the big hair, blue eyeshadow and mall scenes. Shiloh Fernandez gave a pretty good performance....he was really the only one.

Matthew J (it) wrote: Sometimes people should know better. There is no good "Home Alone" rip-off ever made.

Hannah L (it) wrote: it's not xmas till i've seen bernard get sacked, rowan atkinson playing the ultimate nasty boss, and gary lineker shouting "look mummy!!"

Sidney S (gb) wrote: A gritty gangster film. Upon release it was criticized and dismissed, but now it is nothing short of a cult classic of the mob genre. King of New York is a great tale of greed, power, and violence. Abel Ferrara directs this film, with his style of direction, and the low budget feel of this film it added to the films grit and atmosphere making it feel even more real. Making it indeed feel like a street film. The fact that this is an independent film it felt a lot like (at times) Quentin Tarantino's early work. Grittiness in the mob genre really helps bring to life the film because it makes it feel much more authentic... at times even a neo noir.King of New York's small cast were suitable for their roles. Laurence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes and David Caruso in some of their early roles was cool to watch, not their best but certainly fitting for the film. However the film would NOT be the cult film it is today if it were not for Christopher Walken. Walken brings ego, charm, violence and style to his role as Frank White, big time drug dealer and no doubt (in this film) the most powerful man in the city. With White we see a man so powerful that his ego helped bring about his collapse towards film's end. He was "too powerful". White serves as a modern day Robin Hood attempting to with his funds as well as money from various other mob bosses and gangs to build a state of the art multimillion dollar hospital in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in New York, his way of giving back to the people. By giving back he feels is his way of repaying for plaguing the streets with drugs. Walken's villain has charisma not seen in a fictional gangster since the likes of Tony Montana, an astounding performance by Al Pacino in Brian DePalma's 1983 film, Scarface.Perhaps King Of New York, like Scarface was a bit ahead of its time. Now it is monumental in the genre and one of the grittiest crime-drama's around. Its not a classic or nearly as well made as some gangster classics like Goodfellas but its worth a watch for fans of the genre as well as seeing a well done indie gangster flick.

jay n (de) wrote: Terribly written, terribly acted, terribly directed. Terrible!!!

David B (gb) wrote: Fairly enjoyable typical 80's comedy. The first half had all the funny lines. Not a patch on Stripes.

Ilja S (us) wrote: Definately not as good as the first movie, more on the cheesy side, but still a satisfying movie with a great message and a surprisingly dark ending.

Joshua F (jp) wrote: Redonkulous STD-sploitation from Hong Kong!

Anthony K (ru) wrote: Technically speaking, cinema as we know it is better off for never having seen Alejandro Jodorowsky's 1975 vision of "Dune." We can thank its failure for producing "Alien," "Terminator," "The Matrix" and countless other landmarks. That said, it would have been a wonder to behold. The sheer amount of artistry and passion on display is astounding. And here I thought Jodorowsky was just that weirdo who made "Holy Mountain." Someone please get the rights and shoot this movie as he intended it. This is the kind of stuff the word "masterpiece" was invented to describe. 9.6/10