And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen...

And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen...

A jazz singer and a British jewel thief are brought together by their mutual desire to forget the past.

A jazz singer and a British jewel thief are brought together by their mutual desire to forget the past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen... torrent reviews

Kok F (jp) wrote: MUALLAF is Yasmin's second last feature film, her last one is TALENTIME (2009). Yasmin left us on 25 July 2009 at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. After watching MUALLAF today, I finally completed my Yasmin's film list.MUALLAF focuses on religion topics, which is very sensitive for a conservative country such as Malaysia. Today, more than a year after the film's world premier, MUALLAF finally lands on its hometown. Yasmin often puts priority on her audiences rather than the film critics, she generously sacrifices "the perfection" of her films for that matter, as well as the awareness of the media itself. Yasmin wants her films to reach out to as many audiences as possible, she wants to send her messages as broad as possible, not to teach her audiences, but to trigger their thoughts...conclusively, just about one simple word with four letters, L, O, V, E. All Yasmin's films talks about this four letter word. MUALLAF is honest, simple and clear. That's the beauty of love, the beauty of Yasmin. My favorite Yasmin's films are: RABUN (2003) and MUALLAF.

Tim C (gb) wrote: Heard a lot of bad things, but am still curious.

David M (ru) wrote: Hilarious and witty. RDJ gives one of the best performances of his career by playing an unlikely hero in a mystery story.

Andrew D (kr) wrote: Made me shed a tear or two :P Great Film

Ms Amanda J (kr) wrote: I thought this movie would have more glitz. With the lead character Joey Boca (Kevin Kline) being Italian, it's right to expect a movie with big cinematography and dramatic music, no? Instead, I Love You to Death is a no-nonsense black comedy, focused on real life situations and people. I think more style wouldn't hurt this movie at all. Being a black comedy, none of the methods used to kill Joey are outrageously funny but the part where they mix "a lot of sleeping pills (two bottles)" into Joey's spaghetti sauce is some funny stuff. Tracey Ullman gave a nice performance as Rosalie, Joey's wife but Mama Nadja (Joan Plowright) has a very annoying Yugoslavian accent - you'd think that would be enough to kill Joey.

Eric R (nl) wrote: An older CIA agent has just been told by his superior that he is being regulated to a desk job. This does not sit well with the agent, who quits and heads to Europe to write a memoir exposing the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Wakter Matthau really is perfect as the disgruntled agent who leads the CIA on a wild goose chase around the world as he slowly mails them each chapter of his memoir. Hopscotch is a great blend of comedy and adventure. The script is witty and just fantastic, perfect for Matthau's brand of humor.

Jason B (fr) wrote: Oh, Death Bed, why did I wait so long to watch you?

Larry W (br) wrote: They try to turn the gothic drama into a Hammer film with a Rosemary's Baby vibe. The result is a bloody mess, though one with a rich backstory to feed on. Classic fans might not want to believe it, but the Tim Burton film is actually more true in spirit to the source material.

Private U (au) wrote: My fave Elvis movie.

Teresa S (gb) wrote: 60's European spy movie highly recommended! oooh goodie! What a treat!

Iikka V (es) wrote: Conversations in cabs in LA, New York, Paris, Rome and Helsinki. This is the kind of thing Jim Jarmusch is good at. I liked especially the New York segment, but the others were good too except for the Rome segment, which I found irritating because of Roberto Bengini's character. As a Helsinki native I found the acting in the Helsinki section a bit too soap opera-like (one actor is overacting and another underacting) and the language not to sound like a Helsinki dialect, but I guess it's a bit harder for Jarmusch to direct when he probably doesn't understand the language. That however will probably not bother people who don't speak the language either. I also found it funny how the cab seemed to teleport around town, especially when first driving next to old wooden houses in some more remote part of town, then turning a corner and being next to a 7-storey building downtown. I'm sure this happened in the other cities too.

Jaws N (us) wrote: Inoffensive but tired in-your-face animal thing again. Could do worse.

Chrisanne S (de) wrote: Hudson fantastic as hypochondriac and Randall is a hoot as his friend who is constantly drunk. Great Fun! Oh yes-- Paul Lynde is smarmy in his small role as a-- well watch the movie and find out!