Andala Rakshasi

Andala Rakshasi

Andhala Rakshasi is set during the innocent days of 1991. It is Center-staged on three pure hearts Surya, Gowtham and Midhuna and is about falling in love, forgetting and waiting for love. The story celebrates love as well as exposes its dark side of tormenting its patrons in pursuit of it. The three characters resemble the three celestial bodies Sun, moon and Earth. Set in motion by the force of love, the three individuals can neither come close nor cut off but are destined to revolve around the dear ones. In this pursuit of pure love they will be thrown to destinies that they never imagined

Goutham deeply loves Mithuna, but will not acknowledge it to her. Meanwhile, Mithuna falls in love with Surya. Later, a sudden incident changes the lives of the trio. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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