Anden... vender tilbage

Anden... vender tilbage


”Anders Matthesen vender tilbage” til det klassiske stand-up comedy set-up: Nærværet, improvisationen, den platte joke - side om side med noget der måske endda kunne minde om en dyb tanke? Historier fra komikerens eget liv, opdigtet vrøvl, personlige meninger, eller påtagede provokationer. Præcis hvem komikeren er, og hvad han mener, er ikke vigtigt ... Det er den fælles oplevelse og de tanker der bliver sat i gang der tæller og vigtigst af alt: Grinet! Det er så befriende at få lov at grine i længere tid af gangen. Og Anders Matthesen ved kun én ting der er bedre end selv at grine: At se dig grine! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Anden... vender tilbage torrent reviews

Simon M (nl) wrote: A well crafted feel good movie. The young Laotian leads are excellent.

Jenn T (gb) wrote: Maybe I just don't understand the point but very lame.

Viviana M (es) wrote: I gave it a 5 star Cuzo it could of been better but it was filmed in Bridgeport

Jeff R (mx) wrote: another piece of crap that should have never been made.

James H (de) wrote: 4.5/10. If there is some sort of deep meaning to this film, it completely escapes me, and I was too bored to try and figure it out. Ted Danson's flamboyant portrayal failed to convince, Mary Steenburgen is good, but her character in the film is so annoying. Just plaid dumb.

Stuart A (kr) wrote: "Watch Red Rock West, you'll love it Stu" they said.It's one of the most underrated films of the 90s Stu" they said.Bloody rubbish.

Justin O (es) wrote: Not a bad biography movie, but Laurne Holly is a horrible actress.

Michael W (ag) wrote: Entertaining effort has bond tracking a jewel smuggler when another agent turns up dead with a forged Faberge egg listed in an upcoming auction. As usual, some impressive action scenes, particularly through the streets of India. For those that enjoyed Roger Moore's turn as Bond, this is one of his best.

David S (mx) wrote: Effective French noir that takes its time building its characters in preparation for the heist. A film that rewards the patient.

Evelyn L (ca) wrote: I have no idea why these two are together.

Jose M (ca) wrote: Don??t go in the House or you will be sorry that you did. No, nothing bad will happen to you, but you will sit there thinking ??I should have just gone drinking??. I came upon this film through ??The Women in Danger?? episode from film critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel from their show Sneak Previews. I did not have a lot of hope, but did not mind watching this. The film is about a man that starts burning women alive after he realizes they are females just like his cruel mother. He picks some of them up and slaps a few and then burns them alive. Don??t go in the House came about in 1980 after the slasher craze took off. It shares one important similarity with a couple of the slashers that came out in that year and that is they demonstrate violence against women. I recently saw The Boogeyman and that film has a supernatural man who tears off the clothes of crying women. Take it to the next step and you have Don??t Answer the Phone where the guy slaps the women. Slapping women ain??t your thing? Then Don??t go in the House is you choice because it burns them. Am I disturbed by this? No, I??m use to it. The film pretty much rips Psycho a lot and is very incompetent. However, the film??s biggest fail is the internal logic within itself. The film could have at least been believable or be competent. Heck, the killer is very uninteresting because there is nothing scary about him although humorous. The killer looks like the Bee Keeper from the Village People. The acting is really terrible and the body count is excruciatingly low. Come on, more naked burning chicks. I believe it was all about the film??s cheapness that makes us have such a low body count. Or, it could be the grudge factor. What??s that? Well, the film was written by three guys and there are three burned women. I believe the guys were so angry over their rejection that they decided to get them back by having them burned in Don??t go in the House. Eh, it is time for me to go into the woods alone.

Gloria S (kr) wrote: Beautiful story about a passionte couple that confrots their love against any obstacle, no big explanations needed, just a very exciting 80's love story. =)