Andha Naal

Andha Naal

After an engineer is shot dead, several people around him relate different versions and the related incidents that may have led to the murder.

After an engineer is shot dead, several people around him relate different versions and the related incidents that may have led to the murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike M (mx) wrote: Crucial information is withheld from the viewer for no good reason, and the whole slides into murky impenetrability. I suspect Loznitsa aspires to the Kafkaesque, but he can't (or simply won't) delineate precisely how the driver gets into the mess he finds himself in in the second half; nightmare logic's one thing, but you get the impression of a film trying and failing to get from second gear to fifth in one move. Doubtless what follows has much to say about the sorry fate of the individual in Russia through the ages; yet as "My Joy" laboured on - a long haul of its own, piling misery upon misery on its increasingly passive and inexpressive protagonist, not to mention a half-dozen other unrelated characters - I grew rather more concerned for my own plight.

Cine M (jp) wrote: This independent film is an attempt to a black comedy that doesn't quite work out to be funny despite having a good cast.

Andrew L (ca) wrote: This film had a great idea for the story that made me wanting to watch this film. After watching it I discovered there isn't much in the screenplay & an ending that ruined the whole film. Also the characters are so annoying with no sense of style & the film isn't thrilling.

Paul P (jp) wrote: This is another "must see" movie. It is the story of the casting of the 2006 revival of "A Chorus Line" on Broadway. Even if you have never seen the play or movie, if you have ever had to "audition" for a job, especially now, it is incredible. The documentary tells the history of the show by intercutting the original 12 hour taped meeting that Michael Bennett held in 1974 with 22 dancers telling their own stories. This became the basis for the show. The filmmakers shot over 500 hours of video over a one year period covering the very first auditions in NYC (over 3000 auditioned) all the way to final auditions and even showing "One" (finale) of the show after opening. They follow 8-10 dancers throughout the process and it is truly "the thrill of victory and agony of defeat" experience for everyone who puts their "whole soul" on the "Line" each time they audition. You should also listen to the commentary after watching the film. Marvin Hamlisch (the composer) and the two producers walk you through the whole process. It is "Must See TV"....It is available from Netflix on DVD and streaming to your TV or PC, so you don't even have to wait for the mail. Let me know what you think. Also, just too warn you. It is rated PG-13 and does use the maximum of 2 instances of the F... word to retain its PG-13 by the MPAA. Each instance is from the same part of the script of the show itself.Run, don't walk to see this. If you aren't moved by this, then you might just need a heart transplant.Paul

Sam S (de) wrote: an original and fun little movie. it's not perfect-the romance with the ankle bracet technician is less than believable-but the quirkiness and cleverness of the script, as well as Robin tunney's prformance make it work.

Marnie Z (ag) wrote: Slow to start but ending up doing a nice job of intertwining the characters and their stories.

Joel R (kr) wrote: Funny how a movie about an infamous porn star and a brutal mass murder could be so flat and tedious.

Pablo G (mx) wrote: 3.7/5Powerful and emotional even with its slight missteps in rythm , Blue as the start of a trilogy offers plenty of emotion and artistic and provocative visuals through its directing and well thought out story.

David S (br) wrote: Who cares what it's about - This movie's called MacBain!!

Cody P (ag) wrote: Great show but female actor a bit oddd...loved the story tho

Emily W (jp) wrote: This one was supposed to lead off from the first one, but all of a sudden the killer is a elvis rocker, drill guitar playing creep! It's insanely funny, and the special effects and gore are amazing!!

Michael H (gb) wrote: The two ??Zulu?? movies are tied together by the contributions of Cy Endfield, who co-wrote both movies and directed the first one. Alas, Douglas Hickox doesn??t prove as skilled behind the camera in ??Zulu Dawn,?? which comes across as a simple two-act play: Prelude to war, and the war. The former is concerned with a lot of British derring-do and priggish behavior. The latter is the real movie ?? battle scenes with a lot of kinetic energy but not as much emotional punch as they should have.

Jeffrey K (es) wrote: Better than the Reese Witherspoon version of "Vanity Fair," I have to say.

Daryl K (es) wrote: Hollywood's (comparatively) big-budget attempt at '70s Hong Kong kung fu, starring the genre's most iconic star. There's some pacing issues through all the set-up before we finally get to the island and the tournament, but the success of 'Enter the Dragon' pretty much rests on Bruce Lee's shoulders. Every scene with him in it is electric, and several of his fights here are all-time classics. Even black and white co-protagonists, John Saxon and Jim Kelly, manage to come off well enough -- but this is Lee's picture every step of the way.

Scott H (gb) wrote: Pretty atrocious ... a plot that would work for a half-hour TV show just doesn't work over an hour and a half. Not funny, weird supporting characters that seem to randomly appear. Just brutal.

Danny P (de) wrote: chevy chase is awesome