After his daughter Mai is killed in an auto accident, a genius programmer recreates her in the form of a computer program called AI. His jealous brother-in-law, wanting to get his hands on the technology for profit, sends his client to steal it and Mai’s father is killed in the process. Learning of her capture, Mai’s old friends race to free AI from her captors so that she won’t fall into the corporate clutches that threaten to erase her “soul.”

After her sudden death a teenage girl finds her father has uploaded her mind to computer form. With a rival corporation wishing to capture her the girl is uploaded to her boyfriend's laptop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Andromedia torrent reviews

William R (nl) wrote: Has promise with it's outstanding leads in Douglas and Keaton but it's ultimately a wasted opportunity

Lee K (fr) wrote: I am not embarrassed to admit that I absolutely love this movie. It's cheap and it's cheezy (I know that is not how you spell "cheesy" but we're talking movies and not food here), and it's over the top in all the ways a good movie shouldn't be. But you know what? It's supposed to be. And it's also ridiculously funny, and being ridiculously funny is a pretty hard thing to do.If you watch Manborg hoping for a slick science fiction/action movie only then you most likely will not like it. But if you watch Manborg with the knowledge that tit was made to be the way it is, have an open mind, a quirky sense of humour and you can appreciate the fact that they did all this for something like a thousand dollars or so then I think you 'll understand why I gave this film 4 stars.

Spencer Z (es) wrote: Worst hour and 10 minutes of my life. After. Few minutes I thought about turning it off and then it was just over. Way to short horrible story and to many questions.

Diosme R (de) wrote: Every time I see it the impact remains the same! Powerful film. The Moroccan teenagers really makes me cry!

Jos C (ca) wrote: Muy divertida comedia, muy buena compenetracion entre los protagonistas.

Andrew W (nl) wrote: I think its funny but i really think they could have done a lot more with it

Joseph W (us) wrote: one of the most fascinating stories about one man lying to the reader's so he can achieve success

Myro L (fr) wrote: This rather laboured and convoluted melodrama lacks the ethereal eroticism of Medem's mezmerising 'Caotica Ana'. One would be forgiven for thinking that the title was a clever ploy to lure in the less discerning crowd. The sex that there is ranges from the farsical to the downright scary and does little to keep the audience entertained as the unlikely plot unfolds. Ironically, all the constituent elements of a good film are there: competent acting (Vega delivers a strong title performance while the gamine Anaya titilates the senses), interesting camera work (the underwater sequences are subtle and spectacular), a clever plot, but unlike the tangled lines of the protagonists, they just don't seem to come together.

Mike J (mx) wrote: Imagine if "The Running Man" and "Gamer" had a child and it was based around reality TV.

addiena i (es) wrote: A great detective story with an irony matter as a twist. Gripping.

Jos B (mx) wrote: Una comedia interesante, donde todos se mienten y todos salen ganando.

Brett S (mx) wrote: Quite a suspensful film with top notch performances from Oldman & Bacon. I wouldn't say its a masterpiece, but it does have some very suspensful scenes.

Weul S (us) wrote: A sweet, somber ending to a grandiose career.

Onie S (es) wrote: Pretty good movie. After the 2nd movie, it was pretty obvious Spock wasn't going to stay dead for very long. Has a little bit of everything in it, and I think that's why lots of people will enjoy this one.

Leighton S (de) wrote: Such a great animated film. loved all the bad giants...they were so cool...looking. I think i should emplore people to watch it, though it could just be a great childhood memory kind of film, but then again, i dont know. I'm gonna make kids watch it at xmas time...make them, yes. Great soundtrack...sad, happy and scary at times, which is why its brilliant.

Joanna B (gb) wrote: Desperate to recapture and recapitalise on the magic and money of his rollicking high seas franchise, Director Gore Verbinski has choreographed a film almost identical in style and energy. Swapping the smell of salty spray and feel of heaving waves for the grittiness of desert dust and ever expanding arid emptiness, The Lone Ranger is a massively expensive adaption with all the elements of a grand adventure but without the box office or viewer acclaim. Jarringly jumping between frenetic and tedious, modern (without even being set in today) and traditional, plastic and parody, odd couple and action heroes, comedy and drama, this film simply doesn't know what it wants to be and would have benefited greatly overall from a generous dose of editing. For those of you who do remember the source material, I would advise not to compare, this is definitely a case of different courses for different horses. Stunts are massive and the vistas are stunning, even if they are noticeable geographically incorrect (location scouts take note - 2010's Utah does not equal 1870's wild-west Texas).Wandering through a carnival in 1933 chewing on fresh peanuts, a young boy stops in front of a display reading "The Noble Savage". When an old man who should be a statue comes to life, the elderly fellow recounts a 60 year old yarn of unbelievable derring-do. On train route home to Texas, straight laced Prosecutor John Reid (Armie Hammer) meets off-beat native Tonto (Johnny Depp) when they are shackled together by gun-toting hi-jacker's and left for dead on a runaway locomotive. Surviving the accident only to join a band of Rangers and play into a murderous plot, Reid is once again left of dead but can that actually work in his favour?With the aid of tonto and his trusty white steed, Reid transforms from a man of the law, into The Lone Ranger, a legend of justice. The epitome of chisel-jawed decency, Hammer has a likeable air but lacks screen presence, especially in contrast to his centre-kick of a side-kick, Johnny Depp. Like his most bankable character Jack Sparrow, Depp inhabits Tonoto in his usual magically eccentric part fruitcake, part genius and all crazy style. There is glimmer of chemistry between the leads, but Depp seems to get more in reply from Reid's stunning personality ridden horse that his second-fiddle leading man. Thankfully, the overtly colourful Helena Bonham Carter's role is rather small and her unique brand of odd is somewhat controlled even as a lethal prosthetic legged House of Sin Madam. Much like the aforementioned, the supports are all caricatures of the much-neglected western genre.With modern influences guiding the project, there are some glaring tonal inconsistences between light-hearted humour and racially sensitive violence. Besides being somewhat offensive to certain audiences, it highlights just how for the wrong way film making is on the political correctness scale. Backstory, historical and geographical accuracy be dammed. The verdict: With all the negatives being said, the hi-ho silver speed of this movie is somewhat endearing and with the infectious anticipation of will they -wont they rendition of Rossini's William Tell Overture and other classic elements right there on the brink, the reluctant charm of this film seeps through into an enjoyable cinematic experience. Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 12/07/2013