Andy's Rainbow

Andy's Rainbow

While doing community service at a special needs home, a rebellious teenage girl develops an unlikely friendship with a young mentally handicapped man who lives there.

While doing community service at a special needs home| a rebellious teenage girl develops an unlikely friendship with a young mentally handicapped man who lives
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Daniela C (gb) wrote: Uma histria de vida dramtica mas sem melodrama ! Imperdvel

Samantha M (au) wrote: you have to appreciate any movie that finds it necessary to use the line: "i'm pretty sure i never banged santa!" hilarious.

Scot M (es) wrote: Completely inane and illogical, probably Ms. Moore's film career nadir. Painfully bad.

Sue P (kr) wrote: This film is ok if you don't mind your slasher horrors lacking in the plot department, or having a low budget which isn't spent on stunts or special effects - this was compensated for by the use of copious amounts of blood. Loads and loads of blood, loads of screaming, loads of people getting killed and a huge bloke in a superb latex gimp/ butcher outfit. And a nice scene where one of the victims is made to eat another victim's penis.Not as good as Hostel, but loads and loads and loads better than Love Actually

Josh M (ag) wrote: Half Nelson is unapologetic in its approach. Ryan Gosling and Shareeka Epps have amazing chemistry and make this movie the amazing work of art that it is.

Cristbal S (mx) wrote: I still don't know how this movie got me interested in fashion and clothing. It's predictable, but the characters are pretty enchanting in hands of a fantastic duo: Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. A little melodramatic, but funny and charming at the end.

Richard F (ag) wrote: There's more than meets the eye in this gem from Iran. A fascinating story that is executed both beautifully and brilliantly. Parviz Parastui gives an emotionally charged, yet subtle and masterful performance, which polishes this film. Like "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", the viewer will have their perception of beauty and reality challenged, while taking away a sort of sad inspiration from this film. Perspective dictates happiness and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Samantha P (us) wrote: An indie film about a young guys family issues after he comes out.

Joelle R (fr) wrote: I didn't like this one

Adam R (au) wrote: Who knew marching band could be so intense? Drumline is a fairly formulaic drama, which isn't a bad thing as it mostly knows what works well. It does cross over into being a little annoying at times, but I liked it more than I thought I would. (First and only viewing - 9/2/2014)

Skyler B (br) wrote: Would be worth it for Billy Zane if only I could stand the idea of even being in the same room as this...

Ashley G (ca) wrote: Hilarious and hes sexy,,

Matthew C (it) wrote: Heston is a military man with a hankerin' to get some killing done in this semi-classic western. An excellent supporting cast backs him up on his journey to Mexico, where he fights Indians and French, as well as his own people. Lots of good performances and lots of good moments. Not an amazing film by any stretch, but solid.

Bryan R (kr) wrote: If you've seen a romantic film about a soldier and a civilian girl falling in love with each other, chances are you already know the plot to Dear John without even watching it. The story is too formulaic and cliched and it comes to no surprise that it became the cash cow that it was for many women and their emasculated boyfriends/husbands! The story of this film is this: Soldier on leave meets girl. They fall in love and two weeks later, soldier returns to duty. By some will, they managed to stay emotionally and romantically connected for an entire year via writing letters to each other. Things happen, she marries someone else and they hug at the end with little to no clues if they ever get together.Not only is the love story bad, but the portrayal of John as a soldier is just as hokey and typical of Hollywood's idealistic image of what a service member should be. Not only this, but it's clear that everyone involved in the making of this film have no clue as to how Special Forces soldiers operate on mission or conduct themselves with one another. I must also mention the lack of attention to detail with uniforms and rank. Does an Operator really stay on as a Staff Sergeant for 6 years and not EVER make Sergeant First Class? And why is he going to Parade Rest to a civilian doctor? Why does he wear his SSG rank the wrong way on the lapel when he's in his Class Bs? Why is SSG Tyree going on telling people that he's in Group when it's no one's business? Perhaps it's shit like this that forced 10th SFG (A) to flag his E-7 promotion. Many questions not answered and I only have the production team of Dear John to blame. All in all, if you want to see a love story, avoid this like the plague. I assure you there are far better romance movies out there!

Evgeniy Gal F (jp) wrote: One of the best satire movies I have ever seen, extremely funny and sufficiently clever. It takes a hard swing at organized religion, with very good timing, shortly before the end of the millennium, and right in the middle of the associated craze.Kevin's Smith greatest moment perhaps, with a ground breaking comedy mocking both religion and the general state American society was in during the late 1990's.An amazing cast, with some world class stars, closely associated with Kevin Smith's work the acting quality here is definitely high. The bad guy is as bad as it gets, and the good guys are just naive enough to make it a stereotypical Hollywood movie, only far better than most.The movie may have the making of a light satire, but the acting level is as high as can be. Seeing George Carlin as a religious figure is as ridiculous as it gets and he is given the adequate acting freedom to portray his view on the church.Ben Affleck and Matt Damon really "came to work" in this production and it shows too. Along with Linda Fiorentino they make up a quality trio of stars making the movie into what it is.The prophets have to be credited as well, portraying the most ridiculous characters in brilliant fashion.Special effects seem kind of cheap here but if you care to try and get into Smith's head you could say they add to the point of how ridiculous organized religion is.At times it might feel as if it was written by Carlin rather than Smith, but it is not a bad thing. The story is very well told, with a logical and very interesting plot.The ending carries a very good twist. It may be somewhat of a typical happy ending, but it fits the plot perfectly. In the era when happy endings were far too common, it was fun to see one that at least has a clever twist to it.This is a movie you can definitely watch more than once.Excellent and very enjoyable his movie is worthy of nothing short of an A+.

M L (ru) wrote: Economics and the loss of freedom in the West. Oh, and lots of bright colours and comedy as well (ah, Kirk Douglas.)

Panayiota K (kr) wrote: i didn't like the book so naturally the movie was boring for me. Excellent cast though

Rob P (au) wrote: A few stories that come together at the end. None of them are very good, but this was my first look at a Krampus story, which is apparently a German legend.