A beautiful and mysterious woman helps an inept scam artist get his game together...but is their meeting purely coincidence?

A beautiful woman helps an inept scam artist get his game together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Roy P (ag) wrote: special effects O.T.T.

Joe I (au) wrote: Absolutely engaging throughout.

elijah c (br) wrote: Oh God here we go! "Seed of Chucky" is the 5th installment of the child's play franchise. Which this movie is my least favorite out of the franchise! This movie is one of the worst movies I have ever seen! This ALMOST ruined the whole entire franchise. Let's start off with this. At the beginning of the movie we figured out that a Chucky and Tiffany have a child and the child is lost and confused for the most part. Later the child "Glen" learns more about his parents Chucky and Tiffany. He soon goes on a quest to Hollywood to find his parents. He soon finds his parents and bring them back to life. So later on Chucky and Tiffany makes a plan to take over Jennifer Tilly's and the rapper Redman's bodies and become human. So the movie is basically focuses more on that. Now the main reason why I HATE this film is that it's not a Child's Play movie! It's not it's a horrible dark stupid comedy. And it's not even funny at all! The jokes fall flat! I hate when Chucky and Tiffany spends about 3/4 of the whole movie trying to figure out if they're child a boy or girl and argues about it! Oh my gosh I hate this monstrosity! This is the most comical in the franchise but it still doesn't work. The ending is so cheesy and just awful. I feel like I've been cheated by watching this horrible film! Poor script, acting, and "scares" if they were any! Good thing they waited for a long time to make a good sequel to save the franchise.

Marischa B (nl) wrote: If there is a novel that doesn't lend itself for cinematic adaptation, "Bee Season", written by Myla Goldberg, would seem to be the one. It doesn't help that the screen play, as written by the talented Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal, doesn't help to clarify for the casual viewer what is going on with the Naumanns of Oakland. In fact, the problem in the novel, as well as with the movie is Miriam, the distant mother who has fled reality and lives in a world of her own."Bee Season" co-directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel feels empty because the somber treatment they have given to the movie. The dark cinematography of Giles Nuttgens doesn't help either, but the musical scores of Peter Nasher works well, as a whole.One enters the Naumann world through the sensitive Eliza, a girl much older and wiser than her 11 years indicate. It is Eliza who senses all that is wrong with her family, as it appears they are falling apart in front of her, and as a little girl, she simply can't do anything at all to bring everyone together. As a way to escape the unhappy home, Eliza immerses herself in the spelling bee contests in which she excels. Not until then, does she get the attention of her father, who supports her newly found talent.Saul, the religious studies professor, doesn't even come aware about what's wrong with his marriage until it's too late. In fact, he is a man appears to be unable to communicate with the illusive Miriam, a woman who is deeply disturbed by what happened in her own life with the tragedy of her parents death. Saul and Miriam's marriage is over, but they don't do anything to correct the situation. Miriam's problems come to a head when she is taken away and makes Saul confront the many issues that he probably never dealt with before.Aaron, the older son, is rebelling against his own religion. He needs to experiment with other beliefs because he is at that stage of his life in which he is trying to find out who he is. That is why when he meets Chali, the young Hare Krishna follower, he decides to follow her in his quest for finding a guidance for his life.The ensemble playing is dominated by the youngest cast member, Flora Cross, who makes a luminous Eliza. Her expressive eyes and her intelligence tells everything about her. Juliette Binoche's Miriam is a puzzle. Richard Gere does what he can with Saul and Max Minghella has some good moments as Aaron. Kate Bosworth is seen briefly as Chali."Bee Season" is a difficult film to sit through because it is a dark look into a family falling apart without a safety net. Also, the way the film has been promoted gives a false impression about its content.

Cesar O (au) wrote: Really love this movie and completely recommend it to everybody; it makes my top list of all-time favorites. It is rare to see a multiple-generation story of the Mexican-American experience told with such great combination of comedy, drama, history, heartbreak and triumph; overall an amazing uplifting and inspiring story.

Robyn M (de) wrote: This is a stunning and under rated movie, over looked by many. i enjoyed watching this true elegent and tactful yet woman power inspired movie.its focus is AIDS/HIV how it not only effects the one who has it but those around you. whoopi is honest and pure, drew Barrymore gutsy to play the role and strong in keeping her stand, each person has some influence on the other, almost like a chain reaction. crazy as it may be it starts as a road trip and ends as a life long journey. i encourage you to watch. i cried. i laughed and i listened.

Christopher C (de) wrote: Great movie. Loved Tupac's character Lucky in the movie. Janet Jackson was phenomenal as Justice.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Odd, reflective and funny.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Not bad, but I must have missed what all the hype was about. I felt that the writing of their motivations was weak and did not identify with the characters. So for me it was basic and simple.

Movie M (jp) wrote: Beautiful film and the music is superb