Ángel o demonio

Ángel o demonio


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Ángel o demonio torrent reviews

Jennifer Z (fr) wrote: Actually pretty funny

Evan T (ru) wrote: This is the best of them! I didn't need the new recruits and you could tell they were neutered by lack of blood and dismemberment but it had that insane massive action the others had been missing!

Jason T (kr) wrote: It's fun watching these two action icons working together and a fun throwback of 80's action movies. The plot may be far fetched and some cheesy performances but it delivers so don't expect and Oscar nominee. Great supporting cast.

Florence (es) wrote: Depois de experimentar o pior ano de sua vida, Wilson no v motivos para festejar o Ano Novo. Entretanto, aps ser convencido por seus amigos a colocar um anncio no jornal, ele conhece uma mulher que est procura do homem certo para passar a meia-noite.

Cooper C (fr) wrote: Could be the worst film Matthew McConaughey has ever done.

Anil T (au) wrote: Really interesting film. It's the story of 2 former Black Panthers who are trying to get on with their lives. Anthony Mackie plays Marcus, who is returning home for his father's funeral after being forced to leave town and go into hiding. His former brothers in the Panthers are convinced that he's a government informant and his own family feels like he is a coward for leaving. Kerry Washington plays Patty, who is still trying to help everyone and is still fighting the good fight. The film is set in 1976 in Philadelphia and there was obviously a lot of attention to detail. The film feels very authentic, the set design and wardrobe are great.The score was written and performed by The Roots, and is also very appropriate for the era.My only concern with the film is that is possibly a little too downbeat. I realize that this is pretty somber subject matter, but still.... A powerful but low key and quiet film that is worth your time.

Barnaby G (ag) wrote: If someone paid me a million to write the worst script ever created then I would still come second to this. Pointless and shit in every conceivable way. I foolishly thought this was the film with Gary oldman in it.

Miss B (es) wrote: Set at a slower pace than it's predecessor, this prequel definitely added depth and complexity to the characters and their relations. Don't expect the intricacy and overwhelming turn of events of the first but settle down for a tale led by an innocent looking mastermind.

Kris B (nl) wrote: Beautiful and just goes to show you don't need big names to make a great movie when you have a great story and Danny Boyle at the helm

Demonic N (mx) wrote: This looks really crap.

Corrie F (ru) wrote: ben stiller plays a pretty good dope fiend

Jamie B (es) wrote: One of the most memorable Robin Williams roles, and a perfect blend of comedy and drama.

Simon D (jp) wrote: awful film. I suppose it's a spoof of something, isn't it? Imagine a world where the humour (and music, and sound effects) of Laurel and Hardy never moved on and the actors got worse. It's slapstick to the point of pathetic. I'm once again surprised that after such bad early work the writers of this went on to great things.

Eric B (br) wrote: A lovely film, though it's definitely a creature of another era. This is early Fellini back in his neo-realist period, and only an isolated carnival sequence hints at the matured director's trademark sense of spectacle.I'm hardly the first to say so, but "I Vitelloni" sure reminds me of Barry Levinson's "Diner" (one of my favorite films ever). Yes, it's another close-knit circle of likable, well-dressed, slick-haired young men who somehow just can't find a solid path in life, despite approaching the problem from a variety of angles. The main criticism I have of "I Vitelloni" is that the screenplay doesn't give the five lads equal time, and thus the story of the womanizing Fausto somewhat overwhelm the others' sketchier tales.

Spencer P (au) wrote: Fleshed out, emotionally resonant, and beautifully filmed, Ozu hits a strikingly high note in his late career with this Japanese cultural drama.

Ron B (ru) wrote: Well written and well acted stories of how difficult it is to lead working class lives in Philadelphia. There's humor and sadness in both the small victories and the more common defeats. The sense of tragic inevitability is wrapped around a story about the death of a young man that only his mother mourns. Characters come and go and more than one person dies. But in the end, it's a story about winning as survival in small measures.

Jay B (ru) wrote: This surprisingly adult film is certainly beautifully animated, but its lame plot and poor voice acting leave much to be desired. Although, nerds should have no issue pulling their pud to Supergirl and Wonder Woman... they are hot as fuck here.