Angel on My Shoulder

Angel on My Shoulder

Gangster Eddie Kagel is killed by a trusted lieutenant and finds himself in Harry Redmond Jr's special effects Hell, where Nick/The Devil sees that he is an-exact double for a judge of whom Nick doesn't approve. Eddie is agreeable to having his soul transferred to the judge's body, as it will give him a chance to avenge himself on his killer. But every action taken by Eddie (as the judge) results in good rather than evil and, to Nick's dismay, the reputation and influence of the judge is enhanced, rather than impaired by Eddie. And Eddie also falls in love with the judge's fiancée, Barbara. Even Eddie's planned revenge fails and Nick is forced to concede defeat. He returns to Hell, taking Eddie with him, after Eddie has extracted his promise that Nick will not molest the judge or Barbara in the future.

The Devil arranges for a deceased gangster to return to Earth as a well-respected judge to make up for his previous life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angelo Dean B (br) wrote: Well this was a disappointment, I thought it'll be something different. Funny yes, but it wasted a lot of potential too.2.5 Stars

Kudo A (br) wrote: Dark, Full of tension, Best performance from Hoffman.

Terry C (au) wrote: Only comment: Kate Capshaw was a producer on this yet casts Blythe Danner as her mother when in reality Ms Danner' is only 11years older than Capshaw. This movie may be 16 years old, but, come on, if women don't take care of each other, no one will.

Giorgio M (ru) wrote: The plot is coherent, and the script has some true gems (Al Pacino's speeches above all). The icing on the cake are John Cusack's and Al Pacino's strong performances. Despite ticking many boxes off, the movie does not have the stature of a classic though, and is easily forgettable, lacking an original view on the various topics it deals with and energy in the direction.

cli o (kr) wrote: awww i remember watching this on nick. i used to be obsessed with SBTB

Samuel M (au) wrote: Todo un homenaje/parodia del gnero de terror, algo naive como evidencia ese uso de nombres de directores en los personajes, pero en el que se pueden ver claras reminiscencias de ttulos del gnero, especialmente de la dcada de los cincuenta, como "El terror no tiene forma".Luego falla un poco en su ejecucin ya que se queda ms en el homenaje que en tener una historia propia interesante, y eso que tiene todos los elementos para serlo. O puede que este exigiendo una especie de festival gore.Aun as sabe manejar bien su componente humorstico, lo que la convierte en una cinta de culto altamente entretenida.

Bill F (it) wrote: Great cast. Fair retelling of the Burke ad Hare story.

Greg W (gb) wrote: weak 'hush hush sweet charlotte' rip-off

Nate W (fr) wrote: Could have done without the eagle!

Benjamin O (fr) wrote: Brotherly redemption.

Niels S (us) wrote: Hbede at komme i forsinket julestemning med dette romantisk lystspil, men p trods af stjernevrimlen virker det kunstigt og konstrueret. Se "Love Actually" i stedet.

Marc L (gb) wrote: Grand classique pour gayer les samedi soir en Arizona ou au Nouveau-Mexique, le coup du "Je-te-traque, tu-me-traques, dans-une-Chevrolet" est quand mme un passe-temps foncirement emmerdant, avec ses arrts obligatoires dans des motels pourraves ou d'anciennes missions espagnoles. Et le fait que cette fois, des "Vampires du dsert" soient de la partie ne change pas un pet ce schma us jusqu' la corde. Ou plutt si : c'est bien la premire fois qu'on montre des buveurs de sang aussi pusillanimes, qui flippent l'ide de se planter en voiture ou de se couper avec du verre bris, alors que le gibier humain est constitu de vritables petits kamikazes. Au moins, a fait quelque chose de positif signaler au sujet de cette srie B dramatiquement dpourvue d'humour et de fun. Prfrez-lui n'importe quel pisode de n'importe quelle srie vampires, vous n'y perdrez pas au change.