Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary

Alexiel was a beautiful angel who defined God and was reincarnated in the body of 16- year old Setsuna Mudo who happens to have incest feeling for his sister Sara. Together, they get caught up in a fight between Heaven and Hell.

Setsuna, a High School student, not only has to deal with bullies and more then appropiate feelings for his own sister... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maxwell S (br) wrote: I'm not much into romances or musicals but I have to say that this one was very good.

YK G (ag) wrote: It wouldn't have been believable if it ain't true story.

Jacky L (mx) wrote: avoided reading about this movie as i didn't wanna know too much beforehand. had thought it was a feel good, light-hearted comedy. boy, i was quite wrong. this trio of good friends, ??!without giving too much away, i'd say there were likable aspects of the movie but it was also crammed with too many distractions which resulted in this ???? that i'm feeling. maybe i had wanted and expected to like this more than i do, thus this high and dry feelin'. it's that kinda film that'd have you reaching for your smokes after. kudos to gui lun mei, she made you feel mabel's pain along with her. the eurasian lead, eye candy he may be, irritated a little with his aaaw-im-so-adorable impish grin that he flashed very generously throughout the movie. i was just distracted with joseph chang's rippling muscles and way too mature face during his 'high school' days.

Luis P (kr) wrote: the idea to live in a hole it's not so weird at it looks like...

Alex T (ag) wrote: Very smart, very slick, and very well directed and acted. It's a complex industry, but this film managed to avoid the devilish detail that we wouldn't be able to understand.

Deadly V (ag) wrote: I'm amazed that I managed to sit through this mess

House M (us) wrote: Brilliant movie. The feeling of possession just makes you uncomfortable, psychologically twisted. A must see. Years after seeing it you will still remember Harry.

Jackson M (kr) wrote: An amazingly funny masterpiece.

Jim S (gb) wrote: Not even worthy as a TV movie, which it's not.

Shaun B (fr) wrote: Average...ya. That's all I have to say about that.

His L (ca) wrote: Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau frolic round early 1900's Central America, leading a revolution, blowing things up, and inventing the striptease along the way. Sounds good? Sadly, that's not really the case. Bardot, Moreau and Malle have all done better things.

Sam M (br) wrote: Very historically accurate and well performed by Penn and others.