Angelita... Ako ang iyong ina

Angelita... Ako ang iyong ina


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Angelita... Ako ang iyong ina torrent reviews

Prue H (kr) wrote: Not just kind of bad, this was so badly put together. What a waste of potential - great writer/producer, great cast, great setting, awful director who I am blaming for the poor sound. Bits of this movie were completely absurd, it's like doing Leon in Charlie's Angels style, ridiculous.Better choice in directors next time Luc.

Marilee A (gb) wrote: MovieGeek13 says it's a Must See

Jho R (au) wrote: It tries so hard to sell the sadness, but ultimately is just boring...

Lini H (it) wrote: bowt 30mins into this...we all looked at each other and said...this is a movie about a snuff movie....and we were right...the plot was too easy to figure out..had more potential than was actually shown...

HIT P (us) wrote: One of the best movies ever

Charlotte k (nl) wrote: Im pretty sure I saw this one time.

Kisaan T (mx) wrote: This is how to make a Movie Masala : - You take the theme of Peter Weir's 'Dead Poet Society' then add the concept of Milos Forman's 'One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest' to it, then build your story out of it, start your movie with jolly characters, then add 6 to 7 songs to the movie, some of which contains dance and others contains strolling around the mountains, and finally close your movie with a happy ending, and you have "Mohabbatein".Then also I like this movie because of its strong Acting by Amitabh Bacchan and Shahrukh Khan. I think this is what Bollywood says "If you want to watch a Bollywood movie watch it with a little comedy, little action, little drama, a little tragedy and lots of songs, you'll like the movie"

Amy S (ca) wrote: actually i think i did see this one.. i dunno. but i dont think i liked it that much.

David U (mx) wrote: Promising gives way to boring gives way to stupid.

Don S (ag) wrote: While the scenery in Tuscany makes for a beautiful backdrop, the story here is very slow and not that interesting; my wife and I figured it out very early on. Liv Tyler is exquisite, and the Italian people are very free with nudity and sex. This is a "chick flick" in every way. If you are seeking something for the testosterone set, it is sorely lacking in this movie.

Joseph H (br) wrote: Batman forever is a fun film that had some great moments but is not a great batman film by any means but is certainly a fun one.

Joe W (us) wrote: ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!! Worst film I have ever seen!

Private U (ru) wrote: Especially the part where he resembles Fellini !! :)

Michael W (nl) wrote: Exasperating film of Joan Crawford involved back and forth with two men--one married and one widowed. Recommended to anyone who enjoys watching a lady unable to make a decision.