Angels of the City

Angels of the City


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Angels of the City torrent reviews

Nicolas I (us) wrote: Despite the obvious vulgarity, this movie offers in unusual take on romantic comedies.

Sgt C (ca) wrote: Anyone expecting Chan's usual comedic charm will likely be disappointed by this crime drama as this is void of any of his trademark fun fight sequences and stunts instead we get a solid, if unremarkable flick. Worth watching simply to see a darker side of Jackie, even if it is just the once.

Peter P (au) wrote: Run of the mill martial arts movie, that's all I got.

Stephen T (es) wrote: have actually met cheech moran in real life at les mills fitness center in victoria park markett in auckland back in 1987..

James C (de) wrote: Hard to imagine Walter Matthau as this Lothario Dr. who beds all these younger women just 3 months after the death of his wife. Glenda Jackson adds spark as a foil and serious interest for Matthau, and while they do have some chemistry, I felt Jackson's character deserved better. Even more disturbing was the way the hospital was portrayed with Art Carney as a senile chief of surgery still allowed to practice medicine.

Mark B (ag) wrote: very cool exploitation flcik. loved the scene where they try to buy a ear at the morgue

Tamsin P (es) wrote: Sorry, but I didn't like it.

Farah R (kr) wrote: The notion is creepy and could've been one of the most frightening movies to be made, but it all crumbles to a disarray of bad acting and a terribly unsatisfactory conclusion.