In the Polish town of Janow, during the 1930s, an occult commune was formed around Teofil Ociepka, an electrician at the local coal mine and a painter, who became a Master of Esoteric Science. Ociepka and his disciples, simple uneducated miners, searched for the Philosophers Stone and pursued spiritual perfection, which would permit them to penetrate the Principle and the Sense of the World and of

A commune built around the pursuit of spiritual perfection through the occult begins to see its prophecies come true. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Angelus torrent reviews

Millo T (ca) wrote: A documentary about the fact that many products could have a much longer lifetime, but the engineers are forced to design them in order that they get broken before, and then consumers have to buy another one. This so called "programmed obsolescence" is the basis in which our economy is developed, but, what happens with environment? And common sense? The story starts with a light bulb in the United States which has been providing light since 1901, and continues now: why our light bulbs, then, only last for 1000 hours? A must-see documentary.

Michael O (jp) wrote: Very brooding & disappionting. Sally Field's believable, powerful performance is the only saving grace of this otherwise uninsightful, implausible story that feels like it was written by 8th graders...

Darrin C (ca) wrote: Slightly better acting than the previous movie with a somewhat bigger budget, but doesn't add up to the original gore.

Jey A (ag) wrote: I GET IT!!!*do you, Cloud?* >_>' *shifty eyes*

Randy C (jp) wrote: this movie started off good but got major silly. smfh i was hoping it was gonna kick ass like "fire in the sky" #letdown

Ed C (au) wrote: Great Stuff, Top Notch, pretty intense, and kind of scary to think of.

Tanner B (us) wrote: Hilarious, and genius answers to all your sex questions. Seven questions in all, and completely different in style.

mya F (de) wrote: if you like dolphins and true story's then this is the film for you.

Paul C (ag) wrote: Well done, but predictable horror, thriller, ghost story.

Phil P (es) wrote: "I'm sorry I disappointed you".There's no doubt that 'The Two Faces Of January' oozes confidence. With slick and beautifully muted visuals. That aspect of the film is as good as it gets there's a suave thing about the clothes, the locations even the low-key way the story unfolds has a sophistication about it. Some have compared it to that of Hitchcock's style and while that's a bit over the top I can see the reasoning. But its major failing is the story is full of ridiculous character decisions that break what could have been a great film.Adapted from a book (because of course it is, they all are) 'The Two Faces of January' is a thriller with more grounded feel. 'Rydal' (Oscar Issacs) an American working as a Greek tour guide when he meets 'Chester' (Viggo Mortenson) and wife 'Collete' (Kirsten Dunst) and ends up on the run with them when 'Chester' accidentally murders a pursuer. It's a slow burner but develops character quickly. With only 'Collete' coming out with any sort of morality. The pacing expertly unravels motives and pasts but it's unfortunately stalled by awful decisions that seem out of place. When characters are so well defined it becomes all the more obvious. It's all set in Greece so naturally ruins come up a lot as well as small narrow streets and dusty empty roads. With 1962 aesthetically nailed, the old cars, the de-saturated colours and the styles add to the atmosphere. There's an underlying tension throughout with 'Chester' scared his wife has found someone else, It grows and grows throughout with some indirect confrontations and drunken anger. It tries to play it subtly all the time but it doesn't always manage it. the most interesting aspect is the caution between 'Chester' and 'Rydal' with 'Collete' caught in the middle. Both sense the other is aware of Rydal's feelings but don't act on them until towards the end. Which comes to the frustrating aspect forcing 'Chester' and 'Rydal' together is a fantastic idea - reluctantly working together given their situation and even the attempted frame job works but when that months alter pops up everything after (bar a great chase scene) seems unrealistic - particularly 'Chester's parting gift. Ending on a massive bum note.This is an odd film on the one had there's a lot to love about it. Characters are well crafted and with impressive speed. The visuals are wonderful and the story always carries that feeling of mystery. But despite the good out-way the negative the negative undoes most of what makes it so interesting. Characters reacting oddly, in ways we know they wouldn't. And that ending is the biggest culprit - nothing in conversation or relationship suggest that would happen. It just left me asking why, why and why over and over again.