Angry Babies in Love

Angry Babies in Love

Jeevan (Anoop Menon) is a still photographer by profession, who runs his studio in a village near to Idduki. One day, he accidentally meets a girl, Sarah (Bhavana), who is from a well respected family, and they fall in love. Sarah's Family oppose her relationship with Jeevan, and finally they decide to elope and go live in Mumbai. Things started to become worse when they start their new life in Mumbai; the clash of their egos is the main focus of the movie.

Jeevan Paul is a freelance photographer by profession, and scoops away his lady love Sarah Thomas, from the church as another man gets all set to tie the knot with her. Jeevan and Sarah ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Angry Babies in Love torrent reviews

John Y (gb) wrote: Suspenseful thriller with the unlikely pairing of Peck and Loren. Worth checking out.

bill s (jp) wrote: Just thrown together with no ryme or reason....who directed this a 10 year old.

Craig L (gb) wrote: Nice ideas and a fun batch of effects. But terrible acting and an overall dull affair, mostly due to no real pacing or build.

Jenny B (ca) wrote: This is a great ass movie.