Love, passion, disappointment, pain and sadness shape this love triangle between Aniceto, Francisca and Lucía, played by dancers Hernán Piquín, Natalia Pelayo and Alejandra Baldón.

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Stuart S (de) wrote: I watch about the first 3 minutes of this trash. As an historian and quite familiar with US Army operations in Western Europe (my father was an infantry man wounded in the Hurtgan Forest) they got it all wrong from the get go. First they are crewing an M 18 Hellcat tank destroyer. This is not a tank, it has an open turret for one thing. Its high velocity 76 mm gun was capable of destroying a Tiger tank as shown in the movie. However, not with a head on shot as shown. It needed to hit the sides, turret or rear. Also, Hellcats were the fastest armor fighting vehicle of WWII hit 50 miles in flat open country. They were designed to shoot and scoot and not sit ideally in the open. Second, there were TD units crewed by blacks but there were no integrated crews. Integrated units came under Harry Truman at the end of the 1940s.Third, the non-CGI generated German tank was actually a Russian T-34. While the Germans routinely used captured armor especially the T-34, they didn't use them on the Western Front.Can I give this less than 1 star? It deserves a negative rating.

Luciano G (ca) wrote: There are a few plot holes & some acting is a little wooden / obvious & characters frustratingly lack a little 'get up & go' with each other, but it's not a bad film all in all, good to see some tank vs tank & anti-tank battles, as well as a bit of humanity thrown in between....

Sabrina T (ag) wrote: Interesting and fun to watch, especially the gay scenes. But this is not a gay movie; at least that was never the focus of the story. I've never read the manga before, in fact this is the first time I've encountered this story, despite the fact that there has been a japanese series adaptation of this way back in 2001. So based solely on the movie, I think it's worth the watch. Especially the mouth-watering cakes they have. They pacing was really weird though, and at times I got confused as to what actually happened. It seems to me that except for the lead, the three supporting character's back stories was just cramped in 1hr and 49mins. So the screenplay could've been better.Having said that, I still liked this movie! Watch this when you get the chance.

Jess L (ru) wrote: Really packs a punch thanks to Rockwell's performance, a solid cast - slow moving film but so much going on. Highly recommend.

George X (jp) wrote: Mr. Woodcock's only funny moment is what is probably the best getting-catapulted-off-a-treadmill scene ever filmed. The rest is just a pathetic, flaccid family affair. If I didn't want to do Susan Sarandon so badly, I would have turned it off halfway through.

Jordan C (it) wrote: A silly over the top comedy/horror movie directed by John Carpenter with a tad bit of mystery and a Tons of Fun. Personally I have to say its not his best but certainly feels original to an extent gotta give the man props.

Ken C (ca) wrote: Depicting the 80's teenager's culture at its finest.

Sarah L (it) wrote: Slightly slow in the first half but picks up speed in the second half and had me laughing out loud! :)

Chris G (us) wrote: Just terrible. And as for the "clever" use of special effects: yeah, whoever put that on there is on crack. The special effects are cheesy as hell, the dialogue is retarded, and it has NOTHING to do with the Double Dragon arcade game it was based on. One of the worst video game movies ever, and knowing how bad most video game movies already are, that's saying a lot.